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Jan 25, 2009

Eye Poll: Wrong Direction

A couple of weeks ago Marty's Minions were circulating a poll - paid for by them and without the poll questions attached - whose conclusion was that the Almighty Alcalde was unbeatable. We weren't buying it. Let's just say we were suspicious considering the source.

The big question that Marty's folks cited was the wright/wrong question. Generally, this is a good indicator that voters are either contented or at least apathetic, or they're in a mood to throw the bums out. For incumbents the former is great - the latter, not so much.

So... with all of Marty's supposed glowing poll numbers staring us in the Eye, we decided to see if they were really as shiny as they were portrayed. In last week's unscientific poll, Eye readers overwhelmingly rejected the idea that the city is headed in the right direction.

67% of participants indicated that the city is headed in the wrong direction, 28% in the right direction, and 5% didn't know (view it here). We've been very critical of the current holder of the 11th Floor throne, so it wouldn't surprise us if we're a bit oversampled on the detractor side. However, a 39 point difference is significant even in an unscientific poll.

All recent indications are that the city's crime problem is deepening. Today's story on the recent take down of a sophisticated Mexican meth ring here in the Duke City demonstrates our vulnerability (ABQ Journal - Subscription). Do you feel safer today than you did four years ago? That's the question in this week's Eye Poll. Don't forget to vote!


Muck Farty 09' said...

I told you so! I left a comment in the poll section over a week that said as much. The economy is toilet and NO Albuquerque is in no better position than the rest of the country regardless of what this Fairy tale Mayor wants to tell the voters i.e.(Eclipse Aviation, Advent Solar, Sony Pictures, and any other fortune 500 company in Albuquerque who has either layed off or closed their doors). The poor economy will bring a surge in bank robberies,property crimes,drug dealing, gang escalation. Anyone who lived here in the 80's through the early 90's knows what I'm talking about. Albuquerque was a toilet. It's sad this Mayor has made red light runners,dog's with nuts,weeds,and cyber stalkers a priority???? I wish he would make Illegal Aliens,Rapist,Murders,Drug dealers, and gang members his priority, but then again why should he has APD armed security at his beckon call. Farty is no different than Bush he is out of touch with the people of Albuquerque.

Anonymous said...

The issue might not be Marty. The real issue might be the opposition: Cadigan, Romero and O'Malley.

Cadigan seems more obsessed with toilets than the Tidy-Bowl Man.

Romero has signed up with Eli Lee and his "not for profit" PAC that has taken in millions from undisclosed donors.

O'Malley wants everyone to have access to government housing and if you make enough to afford your own home, then you'll have to fund (taxes) her "affordable" government housing program.

Darren White could have a shot but doesn't seem to be making the push for whatever reasons (are the negative comments on this site affecting him?).

Given the above field, you'll have another four years to write about the mayor. Sorry.

Oh, the crime thing might be a factor for White as well. How can he run as a tough on crime guy if crime is going through the roof?

Anonymous said...

the city is the worst it has ever been.
we need a mayor that will stand up for everyone!

We need a new mayor.

Anonymous said...

Crime is the worst it has ever been. The APD Chief claims to have all these new cops, but when I talk to the officers in the field they say those numbers are not correct! They indicate they only are about 930 strong with most of the officers being inside in cake positions that the Chief created for all his friends.

No wonder why crime is out of control in Albuquerque.

We need a new mayor who will be tough on crime and not just work on getting sweet deals for he(Chavez) and his friends.

Anonymous said...

the fact that all these numbers about the officers are made up. Who is the union going to endorse?

Anonymous said...

If Mayor Chavez wants to get re-elected he needs to replace his APD Chief and assistant chiefs.

They all need to go. That department needs new blood at the top, as well as new direction.

Anonymous said...

get rid of 5th floor and ill vote for it now so it doesnt look like its just for votes

Anonymous said...

Get rid of those 2 DC's that seem to like playing with fire and other's wives. The two MC's. If DC Mike Castro is fired everyone at the academy will have a huge party, free drinks for all. This guy has relaxed our standards so bad that just about anyone can get into the academy. Thank god we weed them out almost as fast as this dipshit brings them in! We can't wait until Castro is gone and then tries to come back as a rehire. We will be waiting for him! Every one can't stand that little hilter who thinks he is better than everyone else. He better hope his wife does not find out what he has been doing or he will go back to where he came, the poor house. The guy didn't even have a pot to piss in until he married into money. That's one stupid dipshit to risk getting caught and lose his nice life style!

Anonymous said...

That's one person you don't want to turn your back on, as he smiles and talks to you he will slip the knife into your back.

To think, this person is trying to be the next APD Chief. Ray better watch his back as Castro works behind the scenes looking to take the chiefs job from him.

Anonymous said...

Marty: Time's UP!!! Time for you to go....
As was demonstrated in our national election the public spoke up & got rid of a bloated administration. Whether or not the change will be a good thing remains to be seen, but it REALLY needed to be done. We need to make that change here in our city as well. The 11th floor has become too smug and content with itself. Let's shake it up people: let's get this smug Marty toad GONE...He's had his shot and now it's time for him to go.

Anonymous said...

This city is not safe, hell no public city buildings are either! I was at a library the other day and some guy threatened to shoot me because I took the movie he wanted. The staff did nothing and it's not the first time.

I'm not going into a public city building unless there are security guards in each location.

Anonymous said...

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