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Jan 8, 2009

More Eco-Folly

Yesterday we told you about APD's decision to start using pure regular unleaded in their E85 vehicles. Today we find out that our assessment that common sense had broken out downtown was, shall we say... premature.

APD has just purchased a whole new fleet of vehicles for the K-9 unit. These trucks run on diesel fuel. (Yep, you know where this is going.) The decree has come down from the 11th and 5th floor mountains that like their AFD diesel counterparts, these diesel drinking machines will run on biodiesel.

The problem is that when these trucks are fed the eco-friendly fuel derived from grease, they make so much noise that they're bound to deafen their K-9 passengers. More importantly, our Eyes tell us that the owner's manual for the new K-9 carriers specifically states that running bio-diesel voids the vehicles' warranty.

So, why do you suppose the manufacturer doesn't want to pick up the tab for fixing bio-diesels? We suspect that at the very least the manufacturer suspects that biodiesel might damage the engine. Remember, these engines were designed to run on diesel fuel pumped from the ground and not taken from McDonalds.

You would think that APD would think twice before embarking on another experiment with our money. If the engines are not running correctly, they are not running efficiently. If they are not running efficiently, it stands to reason that they are probably using more fuel than they would if they were running the fuel the vehicle was designed for.

All of APD's vehicles run for long hours in rough conditions. It's foolish and unwise to risk taxpayer money and public safety in order to win awards for going green.


Anonymous said...

Actually, not all AFD trucks use the biodiesel. When AFD changed their rescues to the bigger red rescues, they all started breaking down at about 6000 miles. Turns out the City buys such crappy biodiesel to save money, that the particulates clog the fuel filters pretty quickly. Now all the rescues, and I believe two new engines and a ladder, have to go to regular gas stations for normal diesel... but don't worry, they made sure to void all the warranties before they figured it out.

Anonymous said...

"It's foolish and unwise to risk taxpayer money and public safety in order to ..."

and yet ...

Anonymous said...

What is the real story about APD's numbers? Not counting cadets and part timers how many full time officers does APD have now that all 2008 retirements have gone through? I bet they don't even have 1000 officers! This is the best reason to dump Marty and Schultz. They have been unable to deliver on 1100 full timed officers for 3 or 4 years now. All they do is fudge the numbers and count people who don't count.

Give us the real numbers EYE!

Anonymous said...

Above poster, not only are the numbers exaggerated, they count officers that arent even in the field.. A female sgt. asked for a complete accountability list and has yet to receive it. Where exactly is every officer?

Barbarossa said...

Buying a new K9 truck: $50,000

Outfitting it with equipment another $20,000

Voiding the warranty while still in the break in period to pay homage to the Greens: Priceless*

* sorry, somebody had to say it

Anonymous said...

They continue to count 34s for 1 year after they retire. Check it out!

Anonymous said...

I've been told; don't get fuel at the yards use the red card and get real diesel at complying fuel stations.

It's too bad the warranty is already void.

Anonymous said...

No matter what the white castle says, firefighters want their trucks to get to the calls, that's their calling.

We've been told not to go to the yards, but to use our red cards. At first there was resistance, but after admim was told by our fleet management that it was costing more money (cost of fuel and repairs) then they gave in, I think.

All I know is we don't fuel our truck at the yards anymore! So far so good. When we did it was a mechanical problem at least once a week. Spare out, put a unit our of service into a a crap unit and then back in. About 3-6 hours of out of service time for the district that they serve.

If only the public really knows what goes one. Especially for the Marty "Green" program, which has seem to disapear.

Anonymous said...

EYE you have the connections, post a list of where every full time officer works. I bet we see a lot of officers doing desk duty. While your at it post the part timers and those that are burning out their sick time pending retirement.

We will never get the truth from Marty and Ray. All we ask for is a full complete list of our TAXPAYER funded police department personnel. But Marty and Ray never produce it.

Please EYE shine the light of day on this LIE.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to "shine the light of day on this LIE"

How many years have the public and media been asking for the true numbers?

The spin on these numbers is worse than the evidence room cover up and that chief was fired!

Anonymous said...

Do you really ever think Chavez and Schultz are going to tell you APD only has about 900 officers. Do the math, look at all the substations and all the vacant officer positions they have on the three shifts.

Come on people, do you really think they will ever tell you. These administrators lie for a living to keep their jobs. If you want to know, do the leg work yourself, it's pretty easy.

By the way, you only have 930 officers. You guessed it, they are playing with the numbers as always! Even counting cadets in this new class, which has already lost over 16 cadets. So much for more street officers.

Last class they did a big story on having the most females in a academy class. However, it was not the biggest female class like they said, plus they lost 60% of them before the class graduated. They don't tell you that!

Anonymous said...

I hope some reporter does a story on the real numbers. If they do this story, please don't quote anyone with the City or APD. Just put out a list and say here are the names of all full time sworn officers with APD and where they work. Nothing more. Don't list part timers or cadets and no comment (spin) from anyone.

Anonymous said...

There are no reporters out there willing to take on these issues. Jojola is probably the one who would, and I can't understand why he doesn't!

Anonymous said...

There is no way we have 1100 officers. Our briefing have less officers now than when Chief gallegos was here!

I don't know who else they are counting, but there are not 1100 like they say. We don't even have 1000 officers! The Chief is so full of bullshit!

Anonymous said...

waaa waaa waaa get back to work you bunch of disgruntled pansies! i bet when they hired you that you promised to help the citizens of albuquerque. how bout more helping citizens instead of worrying bout mystery numbers you'll never be in control of.

Anonymous said...

waaa waaa waaa DC Castro. You will be a nobody like your friend capt Debuck before long. I bet you will want to come back as a school det as well.

You guys all need to get another life after you retire! How embarrassing to have to come back because you can't work anywhere else.

See you as a patrolman next year DC.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Chief Mike Castro a Patrolman, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Can he get past the height requirement?