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Jan 13, 2009

Legacy: The Problem with Politicians

We stumbled across a post by former Mayor Jim Baca on his blog Only in New Mexico that pointed out exactly what the problem is with most politicians - they want to be remembered. We all would like to think that we made some sort of mark - some kind of impression - that will outlast us. Perhaps that's why so many people have children. To find a way to leave a footprint in the sand that says we were once here.

Politicians are no different than the rest of us, but their desire to be remembered is substantially stronger and more immediate. We'd bet that desire is at least partially why former Mayor Baca blogs.

Last week the far left former mayor was busy taking shots at The Almighty Alcalde - who just so happened to be the one who turned him out of office.
A few us sat around lunch yesterday trying to figure out what Mayor Chavez has accomplished in the way of "Big Things" in the last seven years. We could not think of one thing.
Politicians (even former politicians who want back in the game) can't pass up an opportunity to toot their own horns.
During my administration the "BIG THINGS" were downtown revitalization, a new baseball stadium, passing a quarter cent tax for increased transportation services, and the Art Summer Institute for talented kids in High School.
We'd remind you that the city was in serious financial trouble when Baca left office, and the former mayor's "Big Things" consisted primarily of things that we're still paying for today.
If you look at how people view a city they look at these kinds of projects and get a feel for leadership that enables it. The leadership is recognized because these aren't easy things to do.
It doesn't take leadership to spend other people's money and it shouldn't take "Big Things" to build a legacy. That's the problem with politicians. They believe that if they don't have that stadium or trolley, people will forget who they were.

Truly great leaders don't build monuments to themselves. They do their often thankless job without fanfare and let those who come after build monuments to their service should that service warrant the attention.

That's the problem with politicians - too many of them are not true leaders. They spend our money to build monuments to themselves with little regard to the job that they're supposed to be doing. Police, Fire, keeping the water mains intact are not sexy, but they're the first and most important job of any mayor or councilor and they're the difference between a politician and a leader.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the corrupted politicians now out number the ones who can be trusted. Because of the criminal politicians, the truthful politicians are afraid to stand up for what is right. The liars have made a bad name for all of them!

Anonymous said...

Today's Journal showed exactly what is wrong with New Mexico politics. David Harris, retired NM government worker is now making over $400,000 a year working for, you guessed it, New Mexico state government at UNM. This is wrong. When on the same page this is reported there is a picture of 2500 out of work New Mexicans trying to get 100 jobs! If this does not prompt the legislature and governor to repeal the retiree return to work law I don't know what will. How rich do we have to make these political government workers?

Anonymous said...

It would seem that all the politicians are starting to get caught. What about the most current Bill Richardson scandle? Si Se Puede? Designed to encourage minorities to join the democratic party. But instead $100,000 was spent on living the high life at the Democratic convention for one week. What is the avg medium income in New Mexico $33,000??? It could be higher or lower, but Bill Richardson and his buddies ate and slept like kings for the price of what it takes the average New Mexican three years to make.
Republicans are just as bad.

Leaving the legacy? Word of advice, when you think your doing a good job, send out questionairs to those who have to work under you as well as those you represent and ask them what they think. You might be a little shocked as to little people actually think of you.

The eye was dead on with this one, maybe we should have a vote to see who ALbuquerque thinks is the most self centered politician?

Anonymous said...

The city was in serious financial trouble when Baca left office for the same reasons that the city is in serious financial trouble today - the economy was in a recession (that one caused by the dot com bubble bursting).

Your dismissal of Baca's accomplishments is pretty pathetic, btw. Prior to Baca's downtown revitalization efforts, downtown was basically deserted at night and on the weekends with the exception of a couple bars. Now it is full of people at night and all day on the weekends.

I understand that you're a right-winger but to attack Baca, a Democrat but at least an honest and successful one, for pointing out that Chavez is and always has been completely worthless is mind-boggling.

I'm trying to remember when it was during Baca's administration when the water mains failed or APD or AFD were defunded and failing. Are you just upset that the police union wasn't able to blackmail him into given them huge unmerited raises at the expense of the rest of the city (including AFD) like they've been able to repeatedly do with Chavez?

Anonymous said...

End the retiree return to work act! All it has done is destroyed the integrity of public officials who will do anything to double their income, while thousands of New Mexicans are out of work.

Anonymous said...

Repeal the retiree return to work act! All it has done is destroyed the public trust and made public officials do anything for the governor and mayor so they can double their salaries. This while thousands of New Mexicans are out of work!

Shame on the double dipping retirees.

Anonymous said...

Where is the comment I sent to the Black eye. Are you blocking people who disagree with you? Are you scared your blog can be refuted with 5 or 6 sentences?

Keep it up, and people will stop reading. A new blog might start that will publish all responses, because the author is not threatened by other opinions.

Anonymous said...

Bring on a new ass kissing Marty blog. We'd all read it and post and he'd probably not like it.

Anonymous said...

Baca cost this city a bunch of money on discrimination law suits, women, white's, black's, anyone who wasn't Hispanic.

Marty has cost this city a bunch of money with his bring back his buddies "at will employee" program. And the fact the city (Marty) won't settle lawsuits even if the indescretion is wrong. He'd rather take it to court, Supreme, if needed, spend 10 times the money and lose. Those numbers should be posted monthly.

And they want legacies with their names or remembrence on them, how arogant. That should only happen if "the people" want it to and after those polictians are dead. After all it is OUR money they so freely spend.

How 'bout that tower at the Hispanic Cultural Center with Manny "the fat cat" Aragon's name on it.

Just goes to show ya.

Anonymous said...

Si Se Puedo? A lot of questions on that one!

The only interpretation I can find on that one is “Yes We’re Powerful”. If that’s the case than it sounds like a scam from the start.

Anonymous said...

The above comment about not posting, I agree, I can only post from certain computers, I was thinking the same thing, but I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I think Cadigan is worth considering for Mayor. He's not one of Marty's minions and I think he's got some valid points. I'd like to ask him what he thinks of the library having 3 assistant directors, since he's trying to cut jobs at the top. WHy does the libary need a director and 3 assistant directors that pull down big salaries? What a waste!!! Besides, one of them has no clue what he's doing. He re-organized the entire clerical system, transferring workers to other locations that didn't want to be transferred, and not transferring the ones that wanted to go!! I know, I was one of the ones sent clear across town to work at an another location and I'm NOT a temp!! Look at the library Cadigan for some major issues!

Anonymous said...

Library worker, those directors are Marty's friends. I bet they make at least $80,000 a year and have a take home vehicle. And most probably drink & drive in them, like the little one himself.

Cadigan may be a good choice. If he gets rid of the buddy system. Oh, and the forced low flow toilets!