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Jan 13, 2009

Payroll Pandemonium: Backwards

The payroll problems continue for the City of Albuquerque. Employees still haven't gotten the paychecks straightened out and the payroll department is telling employees to keep track of everything themselves in order to receive what they're owed.
Keeping your own records is probably a pretty good idea even if the payroll software isn't screwed up, particularly if your job requires extensive overtime.
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Our Eyes tell us that payroll was closed most of the day Monday for training. Huh? Let's see... some genius at the city thought it was a good idea to buy a new payroll system from PeopleSoft, put the system in place, and then train personnel how to use it?

If indeed the city failed to train their employees on a new system before implementation, someone needs to have their head examined and perhaps lose their job. And don't bother trying to call payroll. They're locked behind their office doors and not answering the phone.

Meanwhile, the geniuses over at APD decided to change how officers logged on to their Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. Of course they didn't bother notifying officers that they were changing the login much less tell them how to log on.

As a consequence shift changes Monday featured officers wasting their time trying to figure out how to use the new login - tying up the City Tac frequency not to mention being unavailable to take calls.

What is it about technology and the city? It's hard enough learning to use new technologies without having to learn it on the job. In the case of the payroll debacle, the incident is likely to cost the city a considerable sum of money. In the case of last night's Tiburon incident, officers were busy hassling with a new login scheme when they should be doing their job protecting the public.

So to review... the proper procedure for implementing new technologies:

1. Notification
2. Training
3. Go Live

Please write that on the board at least 15 times and make an effort to remember it. People's livelihoods and maybe even their lives depend on it.


Anonymous said...

When in elemantary school and making a mistake, you'd have to write your mistake on a college ruled piece of paper 100 times or on the board. no matter how much time it took away from sports, family, etc...

I never really understood this concept, except for the fact that it is know when a person has repetition in their life(ves) 7-21 times, it becomes a known habit.

The City could use a lot of science of magangement. And train "their" people (since we are apparently owned by them) how to run an efficent business. Because in all reality that's what it is.

I have to ask how much training was given to responsible city employees before they shoved the new payroll system down their throat's??? Probably an hour to 4 day seminar. no practice, just hand them the shit and let them deal with it.

So really we can't diss our payroll people, who are less than one person per 1000 people. And I'm not one of them, thank God, Buddha, the wickens or whoever.

It's the my way or the highway Marty, that is at the end, responsible! After all we are his employees until there's a fuck up. Then who are we, f'd up city employees that he blames on his city at-will employess or Foley's for busting his daughter for shoplifting.

Muck Farty said...

Muck Farty will announce he's running for Mayor in February. Let's not forget the Observation deck at the Sunport debacle, the Alb PAC slush fund, his lies about the true intentions of the RED LIGHT SCAMERAS (back door tax on the public). Notice how all the other little cities around the state have taken a page outta Muck Farty and done the same thing in their city all in the name of Public Safety....???? A vote for Muck Farty is a vote for deeper debt, overpaid, not qualified, underachievers i.e. (Police Chief Schultz, and Fire Chief Ortega, and all his other political payback hacks that contributed to his campaign). The candidates running against him forget asking the 2 Public Safety Unions for support he bought their endorsement last year in Union negotiations with their generous contracts. Keep reminding the voters of all the deep debt and who was in charge for all of it that is what rode Obama to victory and a smart candidate should do the same and ooh yeah a reminder here and there of the crime rate, and some the other out right lies by this administration.

Anonymous said...

Also, don't forget the Balloon Masoleum (er, Museum) sitting empty for the most part.

Anonymous said...

This stuff should be posted some where people will see it. We all agree he's a worthless mayor but I think the public should be made aware of these things. How do we as city employees get the word out that we dont support him? We could cry till were blue in the face but lets do something. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

its completely hopeless,,,the end is near!

Anonymous said...

I wish nadine would just do one of those press conferences or duke city videos & explain the paychecks to us all. She always sounds so informative when she speaks on the issues.

Anonymous said...

OMG, to all those poor misunderstood city employees who clear out of city hall at 3 pm in the afternoon after there two hour lunches: be glad you've got a job that gives you a guaranteed retirement after 20 years. In the private sector we don't get that and we actually have to work for our paychecks.

Anonymous said...

Not a city employee. Regular blue colar don't have a 20 yr retirement. Only public safety and they've paid for it.

As for the payroll. I've never seen a pay stub like it before! Some of us that work exactly the same hours/days etc have differnt hours, rate of pay and it goes on and on.

Even us non-stupid poor misunderstood city employees need a class just to figure out how to read the pay stub!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I retired my job with the city last year. Imagine my suprise when I got two deposits from the city. (and yes, two withdrawls). Im not happy that they still have my account info, and I feel bad for whoever's $$ made it into my account for an hour. What a messed up system.

Anonymous said...

Who is running APD? What are the DC's doing while all this is going up in smoke? Who is charge of payroll and dispatch? If its that same DC, the Chief needs to open his eyes!! Why have them if they can"t cut it!!! Do your jobs, make the Chief look good not like a lost dog!!!