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Jun 13, 2013

Are Berry and Schultz Guilty of Crimes against Humanity?

Painfully, here we go again; another child in Albuquerque is fighting for their life after what appears to be drug addicted parents who left the child in a roasting car.  According to KOB 4 (READ IT HERE), the seven-month old baby was left in the car by the child’s parents.  We all know the weather has been hotter than hell here in Albuquerque.

According to KOB 4, the mother was going to a mandatory drug test and left the baby with the father.  The father stated he did not remember anything and that he has used “heroin” before.  Anyone wonder why the mother had to go for a “mandatory drug test?”

Two hours later the mother found the baby in the car.  The baby was blue and barely breathing.

Now let’s discuss the truth of the matter. Let’s start with the police statement to 4, “A tragedy like this is entirely preventable police say, but requires parents to check and re-check their car to make sure they have not left anything or anyone behind.”  We can see from reading this statement that not only are the offenders using drugs but the person from the “police department” must also be using illicit drugs.  The preventable part of this tragedy is the parents should not be using drugs.  People who do not use drugs do not need to go for mandatory drug tests.  The police spokesperson is trying to wash this situation down like it was a big mistake; make no mistake about it, they are druggies! 

We here at the Eye On Albuquerque have said this before and we will keep saying it till these types of tragedies stop.  Mayor Berry and Chief Schultz are as guilty, if not more guilty, for the damage to this child.  This mayor and chief have done nothing to save these children.  Berry ordered Schultz to start a property crime unit and enlarge it.  Property crime is only a symptom of the massive drug problem that plagues our city. Is this what Berry means when he states, “Common Sense Leadership for Albuquerque?”  Allowing innocent children to get hurt and in some cases die is considered “Common Sense Leadership?”  Or is "Common Sense Leadership"  when you publically state your retiring but stay in hopes that by some slim chance Berry wins and you get to stay and finish the job of ruining a once great police department? You decide.

The only Mayoral Candidate that has offered a plan to stop this type of tragedy and actually help the drug addicted person in this town is Paul Heh.  Since announcing his candidacy, Heh has repeatedly spoken about the drug problems in this city and how it affects everyone from a child (like the one in this case) to overcrowding at the county jail.  Heh’s plan is to reform the system and overhaul it.
As far as the piece of gum on the bottom of Berry's shoe staying around; both Heh and Dinelli have publically stated Schultz and the rest of incompetent chain of command in APD will be gone day one and replace with competent personnel.
Heh knows we cannot throw everyone in jail. Heh’s plan includes a rehab center where an addicted person is sent in lieu of jail.  That person will spend enough time there to recover.  When that person gets out they will have a GED, if they need one, and some type of trade or skill set.  This way when the person is released they do not return to a life of crime because they have nothing else to fall back on. This type of reform will stop property crimes, identity theft, abuse to children, overcrowding at the jail and much more.

Berry and Schultz are guilty of crimes against humanity by not being responsible or accountable and standing idle by not doing something to stop the atrocities that keep repeating themselves.  This may sound harsh but think about it; if what is written here is true wouldn’t that make them guilty? And be honest.

This baby is still in critical condition with severe brain trauma.  Please say a prayer for this baby's speedy recovery or offer a moment of thought out of respect for this innocent baby.


Anonymous said...

Santa Fe is graduating over 50 cadets today. There is your latest proof people want to be cops, just not Albuquerque cops.

Anonymous said...

I am far from a fan of Schultz, but you are stretching it to blame him for this. Why not blame him for global warming, the wars in the Middle East and the hurricanes. Schultz is guilty of many things but you can't blame everything on him. There is enough good things to challenge him on, why lessen your influence and creditability with an article like this.

Stealth said...

RE: Far from a fan of Schultz.

You stated, “Why not blame him for global warming, the wars in the Middle East and the hurricanes.” We here at the Eye do not blame Schultz for global issues, wars or acts of nature because he has no control over those matters. SCHULTZ DOES HAVE CONTROL OVER THE POLICE DEPARTMENT BY PROXY AND HE COULD EASILY AND AGGRESSIVELY BE ADDRESSING THE DRUG PROBLEMS, JUST LIKE MAYOR BERRY. Schultz and Berry would have been well advised to address the drug problems (instead of ignoring them and dealing with the symptoms only). This would save many lives and children. This is an extremely important issue and we will continue to laud Paul Heh for his efforts in this area.

We would not be opposed to Berry if he could/would do the job the citizens hired him to do. Four years later and the city is a bigger mess than when he started; it’s time for Berry to go. An old salt we had coffee with yesterday told us this; the best indicator of future performance is past performance. This means Berry is a dud.

This is the most simplistic answer to your question. As for influence and credibility we will never put out a story that we cannot prove. We are a “Not for Profit Public Opinion Blog Site.” In other words, we only serve to get the truth of the matter out to the public the mainstream media refuses to speak about.

Stealth said...

Now you can follow The Eye On Albuquerque on Twitter!

Anonymous said...

I love how when Monaham punked White out a few weeks ago...poof! White's attacks stopped. I also love how when Proctor was punked out several weeks ago here, Poof! Proctor slid back under his rock. Pussies

Anonymous said...

I hear there is also a growing pile of official reports of burglary, vandalism, and harassment by police impersonators being ignored by R.J. and Ray.

Anonymous said...

I am by no means a fan of Schultz and personally wish him goodbye, but we can only blame the parents for what happened. That's the problem with society today, let's find someone else to blame instead of the person who committed the offence. Also, as someone who sits on a board of a very successful drug rehab program, how is Heh going to find money for such a program. Don't get me wrong, I think long term rehab is the answer, followed by extensive outpatient services. But money is the issue here - where will he get it?

Anonymous said...

They are being ignored because Berry's competition are the victims. All of these scum bags should have their office doors kicked in by federal investigators. Have their computers and cell phones seized and have their offices padlocked and crime scene tape sealed.

FOIA the reports and send them to the news.

And by the way, if that news anchor is being coerced in any way that is a felony. I'm no fan of the skank, but if her possible fringe involvement in a crime is being used for favorable propaganda towards this administration, then a few people need to be in handcuffs on their way to a federal prison.

Stealth said...

RE: I am by no means a fan of Schultz and personally wish him goodbye.

We find it amazing you fail to realize or understand (especially if you are “someone who sits on a board of a very successful drug rehab program,”) that these “parents” are ADDICTED to drugs. They are NOT in control of their lives; the drugs are in control. Look up “drug addiction” in the dictionary. Here is a small sampling of what we located:

“The definition of drug addiction is the habitual repetition of consuming drugs regardless of the known or unknown consequences.”

“With drug addiction, the need for the drug becomes stronger and stronger until that is all that matters.”

“Once a person has become addicted to a drug (or alcohol) the need to consume more and more takes precedence over everything else in their lives”.


The bigger question is; how can we not afford to fund a program to help cure the aliments of our community. There are several funding sources in the city and abound. The shame of it all is; Berry and Schultz have done NOTHING other than treat the symptomatology of the drug problems. Solve the core issue and the rest will automatically fall into place. Either you are very na├»ve or afraid of some healthy competition or you’re one of Berry’s trolls or all of the above.

Nevertheless, thank you for offering some dialog on this issue.

Ironically; you are the second person today who is not a fan of Schultz...

Anonymous said...

Go back to your asshairnest under Berry's desk you troll.

Maybe he will get it by cutting all the frivolous spending on bullshit construction projects that Berry is wasting money on for his fatass cronies. How about that?

The Tremendous Regulator said...


Anonymous said...

"Ironically; you are the second person today who is not a fan of Schultz..."

I think i just Schultzed myself again......

Anonymous said...

Paul Heh has a good idea about a rehab place for the junkies. this though falls under the courts and corrections folks. He can use his position as mayor to push this program thru.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Kick these dog dicks to the curb in November.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have all the answers when is comes to the drug problems why don't you show the Nation how it is done? You could lead the Nation, become rich and solve everything. More can be done by everyone but you simply want to place the blame on just two. Berry and Schultz need to go but they are not the sole problem. By your summation if Heh gets elected the the drug problem will go away. I think you are the naive one. No single police chief is going to solve the problem. If so name one that has gotten all drug problems to go away.

Anonymous said...

BOOM! Stealth got told!

Honey Badger said...

Weasels of a feather weasel together....
Two lying scheming fucking creeps... both of these assholes!

Stealth said...

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