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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 10, 2013


Now all three mayoral candidates have further separated themselves from each other.  Two of the candidates have vision and fortitude while Mr. Berry hides.  Paul Heh and Pete Dinelli offered positive change in the correct direction while Berry; well, let’s just say he stayed in the restroom till everyone left the building…

Here is some of the data given in a story (READ IT HERE) by Channel 4 News (Bravo to 4; it was an accurate and great report.)  APD is authorized 1,100 police officers.  APD currently has 958 officers.  This includes over 100 retirees who are re-hires.

A city the size of Albuquerque should have in the neighborhood of 1,400 police officers to adequately protect the city. As the 100 plus retirees who are re-hires start to age and attrition continues this valuable resource will slowly disappear.  The new PERA laws are very strict and prohibit police departments hiring back retirees.  Realistically this places APD and Albuquerque in a huge quandary.  This does not include the 50 to 100 officers who will become eligible for retirement this year.  At this point APD can shrink down to as low as 758 sworn officers.  This is more of a worst case scenario but nevertheless, it is a factual reality that should be discussed.

According to the story on Channel 4, Republican Don Harris who sits on the City Council is deep in Berry’s pocket looking for excuses to bail Berry out of the mess that Berry has created.  Harris wants the tax payers to shell out $20,000 to conduct a study.  This study would analyze such things as salaries, retirement, benefits and quality of life and compare them to other police departments in other cities.   The results would not be released till 2014.  Does this sound wonderful to you?

Don’t fall for Don ‘Ho’ Harris’s song and dance.  Yes, tiny bubbles in the wine will make you feel happy but when you sober up you will see it is all “smoke and mirrors.”  Albuquerque one day is going to wake up from Berry’s intoxicant of lies and we will all have to deal with the hang-over aliments he will leave us with.

The APOA sharply responded to Berry’s administration and Harris.  The APOA stated in part,   “…. However, this crisis at APD should be familiar to anyone in the current administration. The City and this Association had agreed on giving APD the most comprehensive and competitive pay package in the SW United States. This was done AFTER a study was conducted by UNM saying that based on crime rates, assaults, and other key factors; The APD needed to boost the salaries and benefits of the officers who worked in ABQ. The Berry administration has decimated the ranks of the APD and put Public Safety on the back burner all while the crime rates and the levels of violence increase here in ABQ. …”  Mister Harris; there was already a study.  As an attorney and a city councilor you should have researched it and you should have known about it before suggesting the waste of public money.  Harris should be embarrassed by this lousy ploy to take the pressure off of Berry for ruining the City and APD.
 Kudos to the APOA for taking a stance for the department and the rank and file.
According to the story, “One reason Harris believes the police department has fallen short of its goal is morale.”  Harris also stated,  “Some of the problems we've had recently, some of the police officers feel that there's not the respect or admiration for police officers that there used to be and I don't know if that's just the City of Albuquerque."
Harris’s statements are true.  Mayoral candidate Paul Heh told Channel 4 during his interview that morale was low and to fix the vast majority of problems in APD, “You replace the top chain of command and I mean the whole top chain of command…” He also stated that APD needs a chief that is respected by the officers and a chief who respects the officers.
In addition Heh stated, as part of his plan to correct the problems in APD, “You drop the college requirement.  I’m also against giving sign-on bonuses to police officers.  Either you want to be a police officer or you don’t.”  Heh was adamantly opposed to spending another $20,000 on a study when we all know what the problems and issues are in APD.
Candidate Dinelli stated, “I would think that we need to reinstate the incentive program to pay officers with 20 more years of experience the $5,000 or $7,000 that they used to have in place.” Dinelli also stated, “I also believe they need to take a look at the admission requirements…I think that the requirement on the college education should be reconsidered.”  It appears Dinelli has a grip on how he would solve APD’s woes.
Now the conversation turns to our current mayor.  Channel 4 asked Berry for his input on his fellow Republican Harris’s proposal.  This is a serious issue confronting our city and knowing what our leader thinks is important to all the citizens in Albuquerque.  Berry’s response, “He was busy!” Our police department is in melt down and a local station asks for his input and guidance, Berry’s response, “He was busy!”  What could Berry be doing that he would be SO BUSY that he could not take five minutes to talk to Channel 4? Watering his grasslands in Four Hills? No, that’s not it, Berry has a grounds keeper. Is Berry attending another $500 per person fundraiser?  No, that’s not it Berry never showed up to that fundraiser either. We know the answer; he is an incompetent “leader” who always takes the path of avoidance.  Look at Berry’s pattern; he always avoids the public or public issues when he knows he is wrong.
Berry instructed Shultz to provide a response for him.  Let’s see, he spent 5 to10 minutes refusing to meet with Channel 4 because he was “busy.” From there Berry drops a dime on Jay McCleskey, Gov. Martinez’s pet snake.  This takes another 30 minutes. And then Berry spends another 30 minutes on the phone discussing with Schultz what he wants him to say.  That brings the total time lost on Berry avoiding Channel 4 to a grand total of one hour and ten minutes for an interview that would have taken five minutes. Berry should know, when you play with snakes it is only a matter of time before you get bit.
You can’t hide forever varmint! We got our Eye on you…



Anonymous said...

FYI: Before Harris went into private practice a few years ago, Harris was on the city payrool as the City attorney who represented the city in police malfeasances (being polite here)

In other words, Harris did the job that Kathy Levy now 'does'

I.e. Covering up the city's liability in police mal acts.

Rumor has it that Harris' current law practice is made up mostly of police offers he knew from then and in mostly bankruptcy and or divorce cases.

Futher rumor has it that Harris is in private practice and not in a firm because he does not know how to 'work and play well with others'.

a/k/a misfit

Anonymous said...

Berry: Small Fruit Wood Head.

Anonymous said...

Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage. - Ambrose Bierce

Anonymous said...

How bout giving officers the raises that are owed to them by their contract.

Anonymous said...

Berry has no courage. APD is in a downhill run and he continues to let Schultz stay. When I saw the interview with Schutlz on Sunday it reminded me of Douglas MacArthur. Now Ray is leaving the door open to him staying on as APD chief. In what other city would a police chief be allowed to stay on with all the scandal? Where else would a chief be allowed to say, "I am retiring" but not say when and now say he would stay on if asked. Schultz believes he is bigger, more important, that the police department and community. This type of person is not what we need in Albuquerque. Yet Berry has no courage to fire Schultz or to force him to name a retirement date. This is the type of non leadership we have gotten from Berry.

When MacArthur's ego got to large, Truman fired him. Schultz's ego is unchecked by Berry. The organization is more important than any one person. Schultz and Berry should learn this but Berry has no courage to make a hard decision and Schultz ego is out of control.

Elect a new mayor this fall. We demand better!

Anonymous said...

According to my mole in the RTCC.....

RJ, Ray, Jay, and Ho Don were in a meeting and when the call from TV 4 came in, just after the deliveries of whip cream and KY, Ray was the only one that didn't have his mouth full.

Anonymous said...

Harris is not only a retard, but spineless.

Doom said...

Fuck the raises! Take the money and but a huge sling shot. Strap that asshole Schultz into it, and launch his pasty ass into the mesa. ANYONE else in a city run with people with scruples would have been shitcanned long ago, but these cretins keep this worthless bag of plant food around for the sake of politics and what it would look like for the mayor and his bullshit election run. Here's news for you assholes. Your fun and games are over. You all look like a bunch of fools and the punkings haven't even begun yet. Strap in toolbags the shit is going to get real interesting. You bunch of perverted pansies.

The State of New Mexico is already known as the most corrupt state in the country and the people running Albuquerque are just as filthy as those running Juarez Mexico, they just lack the balls. It's like a bunch of sissies who want to act like bad asses but if you yell loud enough back at them they wet their panties and run for the closet. If these dickheads only knew how stupid they look with the word games. "I'm retiring but just don't know when" Give me a break. I could find a 5 year old who could make up better shit. Ray thinks he can play the word games and dance through the rain drops, but he isn't shit to an experienced federal investigator who won't let him dance around answering a pointed question. God help these clowns when the feds start dragging them in for questioning. The great orator and educator answers that always start with "Well, you see...." won't be tolerated. I have never seen a bigger bunch of disgusting pussies in my life.

Anonymous said...

Don Harris aka "Puss in Boots"

Anonymous said...

Doom..lolz! These asshats mistake is thinking that everyone is stupid. They can't see that ppl are spying on them, and telling the feds. everything. Every step you take, every move you make, every smile you fake we'll be watching you! And reporting it to the federales. I say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Watch your backs jackasses...

Stealth said...

Now you can follow The Eye On Albuquerque on Twitter!

recently retired AFD chief said...

@ City Councilor Don Harris

Ref: The city council meeting back on May 20th. The proposed amendment to the city charter that would have city council input and vote on police and fire chief appointments, remember that ?

You had to be laughing inside when the AFD Fire Chief stood up there denouncing the proposal based on his belief that it would lead to "lobbying," and "politicize" the appointment of fire chief. Wasn't it you Sir who he called, emailed, and met with personally (breakfast/lunches) specifically for lobbying you for your support to advocate for him to be appointed to include a couple of other Republican party stakeholders?

Both Fire Chief Breen and Councilor Harris' city cell phone, city webmail account from 2008'-09'
Should be requested under the FOIA act.

The investigative journalist in this town should vet this mans past to see if his actions align with his beliefs.

Meet the new fire chief same as the last one... ethically inept, phony con artist, his moral compass is an inch deep and a mile wide.

Anonymous said...

You want to shut these punks down? Smear them then vote them all out. Vote Harris out at his next election. Vote out ANYONE who supports Berry in any way! Show these punks their cronyism and self preservation above everyone else and what is right will not be tolerated.