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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 19, 2013


Below is an open letter from one of our Albuquerque citizens.  This person has asked that their identity remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation from Berry and Schultz. Think about it for a moment...Why should any citizen be afraid of retaliation from its' mayor and police chief? Folks; all the red flags keep going up with these two.
Heh; Let's get a real Mayor in Office! (PAUL HEH, that is)
Accountability...... In Mayor Berry's Administration you are missing
Albuquerque CAO Rob Perry is quoted in the above article reminding everyone, or more specifically Albuquerque voters, that the Ellis shooting took place 30 days into R G Berry's mayoral administration. Thereby trying to convince the public that R G Berry has no accountability for this $10,000,000 debacle.
This is distressing to say the least, but not unexpected. R G Berry's administration has never held any of his appointees accountable. But just what did the jury and the judge say? The two strongest points are:
The jury found that APD was negligent in the way it supervised Lampiris-Tremba. That negligence lead to this shooting.
The judge found in summary judgement that this shooting violated Ellis constitutional rights.
Furthermore it is distressing the way the city attorney handled this case. Had the city attorney settled, as the Ellis family wished, the city taxpayer would not be on the hook for $10,000,000 but for $1,000,000. Who EXACTLY made this decision taxpayers should demand to know. That person should be held accountable for screwing the Albuquerque taxpayer out of $9,000,000.
So now Rob Perry comes to the media, in full election year spin, to deflect any blame from R G Berry. Heck Berry was only in office 44 days when the shooting took place, he could not be held accountable for this. Well in Berry's world he is never held accountable. Whether a day or 1,000 days, Berry was mayor and he owns this judgement.
But let's give Berry the benefit of the doubt. From what the judge and jury say it was the people who ran APD during the years prior to this shooting who failed the citizens. They are the ones who failed to supervise and who's policies have led us down this path of million dollar judgements. That is the person Rob Perry is pointing his crooked finger at...... who is this person? Ray Schultz.
Ray Schultz was appointed chief of police in 2005, a full four and 1/2 years prior to the Ellis shooting. So if anyone should be held accountable for the lack of supervision and for policies that helped to create these situations, then from Rob Perry's comments, it should be Ray Schultz.
But wait again, R G Berry reappointed Ray Schultz as chief of police. Thereby approving of the way Schultz was running APD during the prior 4 1/2 years.
Therefore this comes full circle and R G Berry is the person who must ultimately accept blame for this $10,000,000 judgement that is going to cost all of us.
Based upon Rob Perry's comments don't expect any leadership from the Berry administration on this issue, or any other. They are in election year spin mode and they will point fingers at everyone else, but in this case the fingers point right back at them. And just wait....... more lawsuits are heading to court this summer, more taxpayer money will be gone.
Albuquerque deserves better. Vote Berry out of office in October.


                                          THESE ARE THE ACTIONS OF A "COMMIE"..,




Anonymous said...

With RayRay, as soon as he starts talking the lies commence. Leaving to spend time with family....but you're an empty nester! I thought DOJ's action was a "Personal challeng?" How come you are already scheduled to speak at conferences out of state and is listed as APD Chief of police in those conference bios?

And I love Berry and his dumbass comment about how policing is about numbers and data mining. NO's about people. It begins and ends with people. Something this administration clearly does not understand.

Adios cucarachas!!!

Anonymous said...

Two idiots! And Schultz looks like Captain Noah in that idiot unifom. I would say a jumbo jet pilot too, but he is too stupid for that, unless it was a dumbo jet.

Anonymous said...

To 5:10,
Please post the source of these out of state speeches, or the means of looking these events up because I would like to attend a few of them to make sure the right questions are asked of this failure, and how he is even qualified to discuss more than how to peel a pistachio. I had a feeling this freeloader would try to benefit from city funded endeavors by claiming them as his, such as the real time bullshit. This is one of the only reasons this selfish punk stayed around. Now he thinks he is going to bankroll himself by travelling around like some kind of gypsy. Not on my watch. I know of three major metropolitan cities that have had a more advanced version of his eye spy bullshit for years. Maybe their cheifs would like to know how Mister Me, Me, Me, I, I, I, / Al Gore invented the system.
Two ex-chief's have given expert opinions about this guy's lack of moral character and honesty, and I personally know one who has absolutely no respect for him either as a man or a chief, but it's everyone else that has the problem.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't any member of the POC, City Council, or individuals, Berry, Perry, Tourek, Levy, Shultz, or Webb, demanded the immediate resignations of the now "court proven" civil and criminal lawbreakers Lampris-Tremba and Economidy?

I’ll tell you why, it is because they are all narcissistic sociopaths without a shred of integrity or morals.

They make Ficke, a drunken, suicidal, child abusing, wife beater look like a saint.

I hope they all get to visit MDC; maybe Dr Walden can pull their heads out of their asses before they start bending over to pick up the soap.

Anonymous said... Dumbass for a Mayor.....Schultz is NOT the best Police Chief Albuquerque has ever had!!!!!

The BEST Police Chief Albuquerque ever Had was Chief Bob Stover!!! He was a TRUE Chief, a man's man, did right by his officers, was respected by them & was and is an honest man!

Schultz doesn't even come close to having the integrity that Chief Bob Stover had!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Best chief ever hhhaaaahhahahaah,,,knucklehead is not qualified to judge Schultz he's never been a chief hahahhahah

Anonymous said...

Baby? What girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

Dickhead berry gets on tv and says that he thinks that the decision on who is police chief should be should only be the mayor's choice.... Hahahaha. Did anyone expect a different answer from a lying back stabbing arrogant elitist who approves of corruption and cover ups!?!? This is the type of balless mayor who needs his own yessman water carrier to cover for him. What better way than to own a police chief? Then he says he will pick the police chief after the election. Now that was funny. How is this asshole going to pick the next chief after the election he loses when he is no longer mayor?

Hey woodhead, you and your red faced drunken alcoholic cao and turkey neck chief picked the wrong people to play with. This battle hasnt even begun yet. Strap in strappers.

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot handle that airline pilot or fireman's jacket on a police oficer. If I have anything to do with it all of them will go into the fire.

Anonymous said...

@847 this administration cannot dismiss any 34 for being court proven civil rights violators because members of the 5th floor are also court proven civil rights violators and were at their time of appointment

Anonymous said...

BEST CHIEF EVER,!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Bret go to Santa Fe for his comission like others? Officers get sent in front of the board for SOP violations much less a civil rights violation. If not, board has no credibility.

Anonymous said...

The board has no credibility. It "WAS" bought and paid for by Shultz as he says through his groupie Korn. They are about to learn a lesson on what's legal, constitutional end ethical very soon, and the LEA board will be a thing of the past just like the chief. The board is just as bias and crooked as APD's disciplinary system, which by the way Levy admited to at the Ellis trial. For some reason they are under the control of Korn who is power trippin and out of control, and compounded by political favors to Schultz to cover for his ineptness. They won't admit it, but that is what is going on. Korn is walking all over rights up there and there is no balance. There are some good chiefs up there but they are outnumbered by the creeps who want to do people dirty for political favors. The word is getting out though, and it be to long before the little guy pulling his bullshit up there for Schultz gets dragged into this DOJ investigation.

Patterns tell the story. Just look at the activity of the LEA board prior to the rumor of the DOJ coming. Then look at how it was exponentially ramped up as word spread of the DOJ. Now look at it.
These imbecils think people don't keep track of this shit. They really think people are stupid. Everyone is going to see just who is so stupid real soon. Just like the naysayers who said the DOJ wasn't coming. Oh yea, the DOJ is not going to be done by summer, because if they are, it will be the fastest investigation conducted by the DOJ into any police department in the United States in history. The DOJ spnds years in house, not months.
And Ray isn't fleeing for no reason.

Anonymous said...

I’m starting to wonder if any one of those in the running will be able to pull Albuquerque out of the smoldering pit of liability it has been driven into.

Lets see, a guy gets locked away for 2 years in a hole and gets 22mill, settles for 15, and Tourek and crew think 10 is too much for a life. Appeal the case fools, but remember interest is accruing at a rapid pace.

This is just the beginning folks; don’t forget that you have a DA that can't clear
OIS cases, a city attorney that doesn’t know the meaning of a tax dollar, a CAO that can’t, let alone, count those tax dollars, a Chief scandalously retiring, (no replacement in sight) at least two 34s (for now) looking at federal indictments, the possibly of this Ex-Chief at least being sued if not indicted, and a yet to be heard officer involved murder case with a strong odor of conspiracy. The list goes on and on, if people’s patience isn’t worn thin already, their pocketbooks surely will be.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Tolerance and patience is wearing dangerously thin.

Anonymous said...

You know things have really gone to hell when we forgot the Levi case because there is even bigger things

Anonymous said...

Thank you @7:18...I was just about to comment on that mess ...!

Stealth said...

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