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Mar 5, 2013

The Ultimate Life of an Extortionist

This is a story about life where an extortionist lives above all because of an actual threat or perceived threat of exposing the truth. Our definition of an “extortionist” is; “a person who has damning or damaging information on another or a situation that may or is threatening to expose the truth in exchange for some form of compensation.” In legal terms it is called blackmail or extortion.  This is our opinion and belief of what has transpired with Tj Wilham over the past few years which have led to Tj Wilham being recently appointed as the Manager of the “APD Real Time Crime Center.”

Isn't it against City policy to be sleeping on-duty?

How does a person land a big dollar job like this in the City?  Is it a bid on position? Was the position open and circulated in the Journal for the citizens to apply? What are the qualifications? We are sure there are many citizens looking for a work that would do a great job in this position.   This position is a pay-off for Tj Wilham, who we believe, has damning or damaging information on Berry. 

Tj Wilham was originally an out-of-state person who got a job reporting for the Journal. Wilham's job; digging up all the trash and garbage he could scrounge up on the Albuquerque Police Department. Yes, Wilham was APD's "Public Enemy Number One." Wilham was given a position as the Public Information Officer in the City for the nefarious Darren White.  There were several incidents that occurred and finally while White was out of town; Tj Wilham was fired and escorted out. White returned promptly and rescued Wilham taking him back into the City and under White’s wings.  Wilham tried to force Chris Ramirez out of the Mayor’s Office but in the end Ramirez forced Wilham out.

Wilham was “placed” at APD in a position that did not exist with a fat salary (80k) as a project coordinator under Sal Barigiola (White’s former under sheriff). The Eye questioned this at the time but Berry and his administration covered it up.

Here is one Eye story (Read it HERE) :

[Mr. Wilham continued to act as Mr. White’s PIO until early 2011 when the Mayor’s administration found out he leaked information concerning text messages between Mayor Berry’s PIO, Chris Huffman-Ramirez and APD Officer Byron “Trey” Economidy after Officer Economidy’s shooting incident. For reasons unknown Mr. Huffman-Ramirez was texting Officer Economidy directly during the night of Officer Economidy’s shooting incident with Jacob Mitschelen. But it seems Mr. Wilham had an ace up his sleeve as while there was a flurry of talk about Mr. Wilham’s termination, he in fact got promoted. He went from being a Public Information Officer, “Special Projects Coordinator.” Mr. White shortly thereafter self-destructed and was fired as the city’s Chief Public Safety officer.]

In another Eye story Tj Wilham is being sued for illegal activity (read it HERE) :

[On August 20, 2012, APD’s “Special Projects Coordinator” and Chief Schultz’s personal assistant, TJ Wilham, was named as a primary defendant in a defamation lawsuit. In the case the allegations assert Wilham illegally obtained timesheet information pertaining to APD employee and fully sworn reserve officer David Young. Wilham then moved forward with stories in the Albuquerque Journal with titles such as “Wanna Be Cop…” and “APD Warned Civilian Not to Play Cop” ignoring the fact that Mr. Young had been issued a law enforcement commission card signed by Chief Schultz, issued a detectives badge, been praised by department executives, and had helped provide cover for officers in APD special investigation division. While it seems people were feeding the reporter information, Mr. Wilham never once contacted Mr. Young for an interview. Nor did he review whether or not Mr. Young’s actions were in violation of any SOP never mind state statute.

This is where the lines between the private media and a public law enforcement organization blur. In response to this front page story, the complaint states that Chief Schultz and APD lawyer Kathy Levy discussed the story and plotted a response before even ascertaining whether any wrongdoing had occurred. In emails Levy tells Chief Schultz, “...take the highroad that we are acting on the side of caution.” Levy also told Chief Schultz, “...make sure we’ve got good access to tj for the right comments…” Then days later on September 15, 2009, in an engorged article by Mr. Wilham, Chief Schultz is quoted as saying, “We have decided to take the high road and error on the side of caution. We think this is the best course of action…” Clearly, the relationships between Levy, Chief Schultz, and Mr. Wilham blurred as the APD and the Albuquerque Journal plotted together how to address this story and resolve it a manner where once again Chief Schultz was afforded cover.]

Here another excerpt from another Eye story (Read it HERE) :

[Apparently for the Berry Administration it is an $80,000.00 a year job paid for by your tax dollars. It appears that TJ Wilham knows too much (we know that’s a stretch at any rate) and Schultz is afraid to let him go. Wilham has been reassigned to Chief Schultz’s staff on the Fifth Floor as a PIO. Wilham was originally hired by Mayor White, we mean Berry as a PIO. The history of this slug is interesting.

Berry hired Wilham as his PIO. Wilham was forced out of the nest by PIO Chris Huffman-Ramirez. Our Eyes told us that Wilham was fired while Boss Hog Darren White (read it
here) was out of town. When White rushed back into town, he gave Wilham back his job and reassigned him to a position that was nonexistent and that was not funded. White assigned Wilham to “Special Projects Coordinator.” This position was under the watchful eye of White and former Undersheriff, Sal Baragiola. The job was never listed on the City web-site. There was never a job description or duties assigned to this position.

Our eyes told us that White was making APD pay for Wilham’s salary. Schultz demanded the body that he was paying for and Wilham was transferred from doing nothing under Baragiola to APD. Wilham’s new job was overseeing a program that would not exist in APD for another five years. Now, Wilham is on the Chief’s Staff as a PIO. The question is why?]

The reason Wilham was fired and shoved out was in this Eye story (Read it HERE).

[In a Journal report by Jeff Proctor, who appears to be the main source that APD uses, wrote this story, “Officer Got Personal Texts After Shooting,” big deal, right? The Eye dug further into this story because our staff was perplexed why this story ran when there was nothing to it. The bottom line appears to be tied to TJ Wilham, Darren White’s personal selection for a PIO.

The story centers around an APD Detective, Trey Economidy, who fatally shot a guy who pulled a gun on him. Proctor became concerned when he learned that Chris Ramirez the PIO for the Mayor’s Office shared text messages with Detective Economidy, after the police involved shooting. As it turns out, Ramirez and Economidy have been friends for some time and the text messages were simply of concern for a friend.

The Eye asked these questions. Who was the rat who went running Proctor? Why did this rat go running to Proctor?

This is what our Eyes are telling us. At some point in time Ramirez confronted TJ Wilham based on information that Ramirez received that it was Wilham who approached Proctor. The Journal reporter, Proctor called Chief Schultz, who in turn sent out the full crew to Detective Economidy’s home. It was determined that the text messages were harmless and only a communication between friends. This was a waste of time, energy, ink and paper. I wonder what it cost to get all of APD out to chase down this “red herring.” Here are a few more questions. Did APD get a warrant? What judge would sign the warrant for this heinous deed of receiving a personal text message?

Here is another story where Wilham get a new “take home” car to run to Taco Bell. (Read it HERE) :

[What about the civilians who are allowed to keep their take home cars and provide absolutely no benefit to the citizens? If the take home car policy was changed, solely for budget issues, why are civilians (none sworn employees) allowed to have take home vehicles? For instance, the police fleet manager has a take home car. He is not on call and does not respond during off duty hours. He has a desk job and keeps track of all city owned vehicles. TJ Wilham (who prided himself in bashing the City and the police while working for the local news paper) has a take home car. Now he is triumphant of the actions of the City and the police. The question is; for what reason, no one would give us a clear justification. The Mayor has two take home cars. Why? Many of Berry’s administrators have take home cars. Why?]

The Eye has many, many, more stories about Wilham and all the problems he has created, participated in and been involved with. Berry or the chief could not find a decent or more qualified person to direct this unit?  They hired this guy based on what? This is all a Hush-Hush job to purchase the silence of Wilham.

Here is another issue, “Big Brother.” And we are not talking about Wilham; we are talking about culvert operation where citizens are spied upon.  In the Journal story (Read it HERE) it states, “That information — which could, for example, include whether someone is a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder — is relayed to officers as they make their way to a call for police service. And in the event that a call is taking place in an area where one of the cameras is, staff in the new crime center can manipulate the camera to watch what’s happening.”

Let’s put a camera in the Mayor’s office, at SCalo’s Restaurant, and in the Chief’s office with audio.  Let’s see how they feel about everyone out in the public knowing their every move.  This is silly; this was part of the problem with the red-light scamera’s.  People do not want to live in a “police state,” we are U.S. citizens and we have a right to go about our business without being spied upon by the police.  We already know there is corruption in the chiefs’ office.  What is going to stop Ray or Berry from spying on you because they think you’re the enemy of some type?

According to Wilham, “There’s a big difference between monitoring and intelligence gathering. This is video intelligence.” We’re sorry Wilham, please tell the public what the difference is between “monitoring and intelligence gathering” and the purpose of the “video intelligence”?  Isn’t that the same thing?  Isn’t a video intelligence’s (surveillance) primary purpose is to monitor and gather intelligence? And this is the manager of the center telling us “Big Brother” is not “Big Brother,” it is just a “Big Brother type model.”  It makes us feel like we’re visiting New York, the “Ol’ Shell Game.”  No one is that incompetent to believe this gibberish. Here is a great idea; stop lying.

Here is one more statement from the Police Department, “Another controversial piece of law enforcement technology APD ultimately plans to include in its new approach: facial recognition software that will allow police to match images caught on cameras against “known criminals” in the state’s Motor Vehicle Division database and other databases.”  We here are not criminals yet all of our pictures are in the Motor Vehicle Divisions database.  This will ultimately make us the focus of “Big Brother.” Can we elect not to have MVD retain our picture?  Is there a way for the law abiding citizen to “opt” out of this police state program?  The answer is no.

Berry is a likable guy but that is it. He has not kept any of his campaign promises and has done nothing to stop Albuquerque from deteriorating.  Because Berry is a “likable guy” does not make him a good mayor.  Berry has failed to do the job we hired him to do.

This has bad written all over it. Tired of the corruption and all the problems that plague Albuquerque? Vote Berry out; it is that simple.


Anonymous said...

When DoJ really starts digging I will testify that I witnessed Darren White saying he fired TJ because he couldn't hack it. I've always wondered how his boss can fire him yet he's back days later

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the commander of the "f"art police unit is up to his old tricks again. Wilham, do you really think we don't know you are leaking information out? Gee, what a coincidence the Alpha/Bravo gets leaked and then you stir a story up saying you "discovered" that somebody leaked it....

GO get a nice juicy cardiac arrest, because thats the ONLY arrest you'll get you disgusting rat fink. And take that little tremendous puppet known as Allen Banks with you. Liars.

Anonymous said...

Vote Berry out and get rid of the 5th floor. You don't need spies or incompetent people working for APD. We don't need officer pitted against officer. Get back to the basics of police.

Anonymous said...

If TJ is one one who leaked the info to Heh, is APD doing an investigation on him? I thought civilians did not have to follow the same rule as the policemen do? I don't know or really understand that is why I wanted to ask.

Anonymous said...

They'll do what they always do. They'll go after some underling and the supervisor will get a pass. A BIG pass in the cash of TJ.

Time for Justice said...

I have a question for people reading this blog. It's for everyone to consider and reflect on. It is well known that everyone reads this blog to find things out. That includes the DOJ apparently. The media outlets can't deny reading it either, because noticeably in the Journal and on television news channels stories that originated here were jumped on within hours, and written or spoken about within a day or so. It is evident that the facts are coming out here. As these facts come to light like never before, it is convincing that the chief of police of the Albuquerque police department is engaging in dishonest practices in the least, and highly criminal at most; with the leaning towards multiple criminal acts. These acts stem from conspiring to tamper with and tampering with testimony and investigations, conspiring to lie and defraud, upholding a code of silence within the upper ranks of APD, witholding information and evidence to effect the outcome of investigations illegally in his favor, retaliation, personal attacks and the destruction of people's lives in direct collaboration with city attorneys, board hearings, leaking disinformation to the media or outright trying to control the media, and the promotion retention and rehiring of officials that will take unconditional and illegal orders to do this bidding.

A person can only claim disgruntlement when there is fleeting unbased attacks, but how does that same person continue this denial when they are caught time and time again, and confronted with acts of perjury, videotaped lies in depositions, totally contradicting explanations of policy and proceedures and the manipulation thereof, when it needs to be shaped to fit his need. This individual can be seen hiding rage in his interviews, and looks to be unstable to say the least. You can see the arrogance and lack of regard for anyone who questions his behavior. You can see and hear the hatred in this person when addressing his shortcomings. This obvious failure also has no qualm with pointing the finger and blaming everyone else around him for his criminal and civilly depriving acts upon the citizens and employees of ABQ.

Acts like these are atrocities. Atrocities incite rage. Blatant covering of these atrocities and ignoring of pleas to deal with and hold accountable those that commit them exponentially magnifies the rage and anger. Rage and anger then manifests itself as you can read here.

My question is this..........

The Answer Part 2 said...

.......How much more of this blatant crap does everyone have to take? How much longer are these criminals going to be permitted to lie under oath, poison the system and ruin people's faith in it? How much longer are these miscreants going to ge able to defiantly stare in the faces of the citizens they are sworn to protect them, but laugh at them instead because these citizens are calling them on their corruption? How long before these criminals get an officer hurt or killed by scaring them out of protecting themselves and firing them when they do. How long before enough is enough? How long before a classless police chief is no longer able to taunt and ignore the citizens? How long before his private personal city attorney, who has absolutely no ethics and will lie, alter facts and display utter disregard for morals is disbarred, and removed from city employment? How long will it be before someone steps up to the plate and does the right thing. This is out of control. A moron with limited exposure and information who has seen just a fraction of what has happened the last 8 years and is uneducated in policies and proceedures could see in an instant that things are seriously wrong here. It is to the point that it is critical. What is going to be done?

At the DOJ meetinge they talk about looking into policy and use of force. This is only the tip of the iceberg. It has been said that APD is proud of their training because when they shoot someone they die because they are good shots. WTF is that about? It was also taught that deadly force will be met only with deadly force, and if not you will be deemed incompetent and unsafe. Swat officers with no time on the job (I won't name names yet) on ride alongs ask you if you ever shot anyone, like it's a badge of honor.
All of this has been enabled by a command staff that has promoted it until they got caught. After realizing they are caught, and the discovery of their acts will lead to a more intense probe that will eventually lead to the uncovering of criminal behavior, They lost their minds and engaged in one of the biggest mind games and attempts to cover this behavior by doing the most unreasearched and unintelligent 180's that has ever been seen. Do these fools think that there is not already record of their previous stance along with evidence and documentation of their deviations upon whim?

This chief acts like a saint, as if we all are stupid. He acts like he is cleaning up APD, when he is the one who shit all over it. He acts like he wants to fix the place, when all he realizes is that he stayed too long, and he is trapped because if he leaves under these circumstance, he will have to live off of his pension for the rest of his life unless one of his corrupt buddies lines him up. He wants to fix himself. Who is he fooling? Why is this fool allowed to stay until he can find another soft landing, and so that he can leave under some bullshit excuse to save face?

Why is this allowed to continue without the mitigation of losses instigated by these liars? And why does it take a blog to expose it all while a proven liar and case tamperer is left in place to burn the files?

Can this be answered, or is the destruction of the lives of more innocent people at the hands of these malfeasants worth the wait?

The chief and the mayor are liars and cowards just as the citizens have stated.

This slow burn is getting old.
Someone needs to put a cramp in their style. A sever stop-loss needs to be enacted.

A behavioral expert, and a half working polygraph is all that is needed around these deviants. I have never seen such disgusting, self serving, selfish, dishonest and dishonorable people in my entire life. It's sad that these people are in charge of a city and police department.........

The Answer Part 3 said...

....People don't want small talk, they want results. Some results need to be seen now. Someone needs a cease and desist, along with a sequester from command. Cuckold this clown, and put him in the playpen until this investigation is over. The feds need to take over the police department and silence the lies and propaganda spewing out of the 5th floor like a sewage plant. How dare this arrogant liar address the media with constant lies to fool the DOJ. Seeing this is getting old.

If this were a corporation or private entity, assets would be frozen, and doors would be padlocked. Throw these lying motherfuckers out please.

The barometer on this site is at an unprecedented point, and that has to tell you something.

Keep The Faith!

The Dog Whisperer said...

Who is this Lynnette? What mothership did this tubloidial buttnoid disembark from? I see this person rant on the fans of APD web site all of the time like a psychopath. Has someone sent her to the doctor yet? This woman admits to spreading rumors. As a matter of fact this spaz has lost their mind numerous times over rumors. Maybe she should make her nest in the mayor's asshairs.
What a disgrace. This woman threatens people, and talks like a danger to society. Where do people like this come from? Did they get ignored by their parents? Someone help this pathetic creature because I can't. At least give her a job.

Anonymous said...

T.J. Wilham
Smart Policing Division Manager
Real Time Crime Center

This lying, cheating, stealing, fat rat is part of the problem at APD. What does this disgusting slob know about doing criminal intelligence and keeping officers safe. That used to be the job of Senior Sgts and Patrolman, but right, they are all gone. This guy has the nerve to put out an opening in an email for a created and useless position. What squad are you going to steal a body from. Shultz is promoting the "Detective" of this unit to Sgt and its the same Flip who stole union money along with Joey. You do this while the DOJ is about bringing the attention to yourselves, morons. This place if fukin Jerry Springer I swear this shit has to come to a stop.

Anonymous said...

Who is Schultz going after to black ball for releasing the addresses and phone numbers of officers?

Funny thing is, all this is public information. With just a name anyone can pretty much find anyone.

Anonymous said...

That "lady" is always 10-18 as hell. She probably doesn't even know how stupid she is or her actions have hurt so many people. Model example of a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Schultz looks like a train conductor in that photo. Perfect for leading the APD train right off the tracks. The above post is right. Someone sit this guy down with a mental health professionsl for a psych eval.

You can't make this shit up. These idiots are going to go down in history as one of the most disgraceful DOJ investigation into any police department ever.

Good luck Schultz. You are going to need it pal. The feds are going to dismantle your master plan. The party is over.

Anonymous said...

Mayor wood head says no shootings in 5 months. Looks like he spoke too soon. Watch these clowns go overboard to explain shit now. Walt disney would be amazed.

Anonymous said...

Jerry springer is an understatement. Bret didnt know he fired his handgun kills someone and its justified. He lied on his apd application he works narcs where obviously he wont be credible after this trial. What does apd do we are going to promote him. Bigger question is what are the feds going to do arresthim maybe. Bret i wouldnt have any faith in Levy if she is giving you any legal advice.

Anonymous said...

why don't all you pussies grow a pair, get off this blog, and go ask either the Chief or T.J. exactly what he does! all you people wont because you are gutless cowards, but the Chief or T.J. would tell anyone who wants to know exactly what T.J. does for the department. Then you might realize that T.J. and the Chief both work their asses of for the department!!!

Anonymous said...

To the Dog Whisperer

You are spot on. She appears to be a loose cannon that is in immediate need of individual attention and medication if not commitment.

Her family must be at their wits end with her addiction to blogging on the internet. Hopefully she will get help soon.

Anonymous said...

To Dog,

"Maybe she should make her nest in the mayor's asshairs"


You are so right. She's just a bully. and who is she? the wife of Lance (good for nothing but riding on daddy's coat tails) Hoisington....

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out what her beef is. I've heard it out of the very mouth's of 5th floor occupants, past and current, how much they hate her and the other regulars on the "Fawns" page. Does she think she's gonna get an "attagirl" from Schultz or Berry for fuck'n over a cop? They'll just add more fuel to the fire and hope she burns up with the rest of them. And as far as addresses go....hello, like we don't know anybody could find our 20 via the internet....

Anonymous said...

1108. Seriously dont you think everyone in apd works? Thats a weak comment unless TJ posted. Every 34 fights everyday working hard to avoid the incompetent administration. The stress of putting on the uniform with this administration is work in itself. So every officer works their ass off just as much or more as Tj or worthless chief.

Anonymous said...

Director and Commander T J Wilhelma and his buddies at the "Real time video center" are abusing it already. reports coming in that they're using city wide traffic cameras to check out chicks like nasty little voyeurs.
Check into this 'EYE' and you too Peter Simonson. Isn't this what you on behalf of the ACLU were concerned about? People's privacy? Or private parts? This stuff never stops does it?

Anonymous said...

The real time cameras should have cameras on them. UnPhuckinBelievable. Why the hell would you let these cretins have a job like that? Totally disgusting!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure everyone appreciates the comments at 6:41 pm but a little more information is needed. Like names and times. Its to broad to attach just a general camera shot.

Anonymous said...

TJ is a PERV.....

Stealth said...

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Stealth said...

Now you can follow The Eye On Albuquerque on Tweeter!