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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 22, 2013


Earlier this week an APD officer was shot in the buttocks. As the department turned the city upside down in an effort to find and apprehend the shooter, events culminated in a dramatic SWAT activation on March 19th in the Foothills Area Command at an apartment at 13110 Constitution.
Just a few weeks ago, Albuquerque’s Mayor RJ Berry boasted that because of the efforts of him, Perry, and Schultz, APD had not had a shooting in six months. Yet, failing to grasp the reality that is policing, no sooner had Berry made his uninformed comment than APD officers were involved in three shootings with two of them fatal.

However, what concerns us, is the triumvirate’s effort to constantly spin everything away from reality. You see, policing and law enforcement is about the facts. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just simply objective analysis of an event to find out what the facts are.

On March 19th, APD’s beleaguered chief held a press conference detailing a minute by minute chronology of APD’s latest shooting at 13110 Constitution NE. Regarding the shooting in particular he stated:

“At 1230, the decision was made to deploy gas into the apartment.”
“At about the same time, officers came under fire from people inside the apartment.”
“At 1232 another volley of shots were fired from the apartment.”
“And about 15 minutes later, additional rounds were fired at officers.”
“At approximate 10 minutes past 2 additional shots were fired from the apartment.”
“About 10 after another single shot was fired in the direction of an APD officer.”
“One APD officer did fire rounds at that time back at the apartment.”
“At approximately 230 additional shots were fired from the apartment at officers.”
“At approximately 25 minutes after three the subject appeared in the doorway with a hand gun at which time a NMSP officer fired one round.”
Yet Schultz has stated that the 1st APD officer who fired rounds back at the apartment did so because other SWAT officers were deploying CS gas canisters into the apartment.
And our Eyes tell us that another APD officer accidentally discharged his weapon while at the scene.

1. If events are unfolding as it seems they were, why bother concealing that an APD K9 officer fired rounds in response to gunfire coming out from the apartment?
2. Why conceal the K9 officer’s gunfire under the ridiculous statement of it being used so other officers could launch CS into the apartment?
3. Since when is deadly force used so that less lethal force can be used?
4. What of the accidental discharge by the APD officer?
To all of our friends in APD, if Schultz will lie under circumstances such as these, what will he NOT lie about? Do you really think Berry, Perry, and Schultz have the citizens and your best interests at heart?

On behalf of the citizen's who are embarrassed by the actions of Berry's Chief of Police; Apologies to the NMSP for being presented as derogatory for the actions and inabillities of Albuquerque's Police Chief Ray Schultz.


Anonymous said...

Hey RayRay do you even realize you are admitting that even when shot at our 34s don't shoot back anymore? WTF! If you've got me barricaded inside my home out of fear of some nut job with a gun who is firing take the shot!

And way to declare open season on all Officers. You just said someone can fire multiple times and APD won't fire back out of fear of you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chief Schilling of the NMSP for saying what we have waited years to hear Schultz say. When asked by a reporter if the shooter pointed the gun at 34's before he was shot, he replied "armed is armed, what difference does it make"!!! Ray thats what a pair of balls sounds like. Get out and let the department start to heal.

Anonymous said...

I copied the following from Joe Monahan's website:


Mayor Berry is calling outgoing ABQ Police Chief Ray Schultz the best in city history, despite his departure under a cloud as the US Justice Department continues a probe into numerous fatal police shootings.

We offered up Bob Stover as perhaps the best chief in modern city history and that brought this note from retired APD Seargent Dan Klein:

I remember when I worked under Stover. I was a sergeant and it was when the department was going to have a "blue flu" under Mayor Louie Saavedra.

Stover calls all the sergeants and lieutenants to a mandatory meeting at the police academy the day before the blue flu was going to occur. He goes up to the podium and says "I can take the heat for any officer who calls in blue flu tomorrow night. But if one of you SOB's calls in I will have your bars and stripes before the following morning." Then he walks out.

That is still a great memory and not one Lieutenant or seargent called in. We took him at his word. We knew he would protect our troops and we knew he would demote us. Those were the good old days....

That's it for this week. Thanks for the company. Reporting from Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan."

CHIEF BOB STOVER is the Greatest Chief of Police APD has ever had!

Anonymous said...

Thank god for the blogs, because besides 13 the rest of the media white wash schiltz's filth.

Anonymous said...

NMSP Chief Shilling said EXACTLY what needed to be said... Armed is armed.... How many times does a person or persons have to be told to come out with nothing in their hands, drop the weapon, stop resisting, let me see your hands... The scumbags of this CITY need to realize that we are not going to take their SHIT anymore.. APD needs a Chief like Shilling..... Great shot by the NMSP by the way...

Anonymous said...

Stover was a great Chief... Nothing like being on a 54 and having him stop by in uniform on a marked motorcycle to check on you... AND ask if he could fill out the tow in sheet or any other paperwork needed... He was always out and about and always had his troops backs... He told the media what he was thinking and it was always great to be within ear shot of it...

Anonymous said...

Answer: Nothing. There is nothing Schultz won't lie about.

Anonymous said...

IN RE Chief Shilling that is the NMSP way, they historically have kept that attitude and its the reason the press doesnt beat them over the head. The Media are like vampires, if you invite them into your house- they will bite you. APD and city aadmin invited them into the house and even put them on the payroll, and now wonder why they keep getting bitten

Anonymous said...

If your having a bad day, please do what the officers tell you to do and ask them as many times as it takes to record the incident. You can argue whoe was right or wrong in court.

Thanks, NMSP and APD.

Anonymous said...

Chief Shilling also has a command presence, no doubt about it. Schultz couldnt even buy comman presence.

Anonymous said...

I took a week long class with Rob Shilling several years ago when he was a NMSP lieutenant. Ray Schultz couldn't hold Rob's ammo pouch. For a class project Rob and I worked long an hard one night on an assignment. Rob is sharp, worked hard, was/is internally motivated, and eager to learn. APD could learn a lot from how NMSP promotes it's people: it's called merit. Or at least that's how it seemed in Rob's case.

In APD major crimes get ignored and fecal matter promotes up is the general rule. I saw Berry is pushing his property crime "thing" again. That's just great, keep the citizen's head in the sand....the mega-felons down south appreciate that distraction. It makes their jobs much easier....

Anonymous said...

Stop making us go to POP if even the fifth floor won't show up. It did give us a chance to have TJ confirm the Chief's retired girlfriend uses her City email to do work for the other company PRC says she is involved with at 400Roma.