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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 25, 2013

I MAY BE NAIVE; Ret. Captain, JD Spain

Ret. Captain, JD Spain, emailed the Eye On Albuquerque to offer his point of view. Ray Schultz has ruined APD under the watchful eye of RJ Berry. Spain offers some great advice. It is refreshing to see some of the "old salts" from APD were trained properly and really had leadership abilities and characteristics as Spain speaks about in his email. We hope when Schultz and Berry read this, a light might go on in their heads.

The men and women of APD CANNOT change the bad leadership of Schultz and Berry, however, they do have the ability to do what is "right" and take the leadership role themselves.

Below is an open email from Ret. Captain Jim Spain to the men and women of APD. For the citizens of Albuquerque, you can read through this and see the way a police department should be when there is real leadership.

Everything Spain writes about is the idealism that the leader teaches, trains, coaches and mentors the APD subordinates to strive towards being successful.

Schultz has lied; Berry has lied; what has this taught the officers of APD? What type of training has been approved by the lying leadership? What type of coaching and mentoring has Schultz and Berry given APD officers? True fault does not lie with the officers but with the lack of leadership.

Let’s call it like it is; the leadership under Schultz and Berry has led to the ruination and demise of APD.


Ret. Captain, JD Spain

I may be naive - but I would hazard a guess the "eye" wishes APD and Albuquerque to "once again shine" as one of the countries finest LE agencies, as well as cities in the US?

On one hand the discussions in the web site forum are very enlightening - while at the same time very saddening.

I say this in this regard...LE Officers should attempt 24/7 to "set the example" for the community they serve, as well as for their peers. If they cannot perform to this standard, then an LE calling may not be appropriate for them. A hard, but true fact.

On the flip side we are also members of the community that we serve also, and we are citizens with rights ....the true double edged sword.

Where I am going with this is in this direction (just my "opinion")...the issues being brought to the service in the "eye" forums are; one either rumor, two fact or three a portion of each to some degree.

What I propose is that instead of utilizing the "eye" as a "possible clearing house for fact, hoping some investigating agency would "pick-up" on a valid point and investigate - OR as a venting mechanism for unhappy employee's - that 34's remember this adage –

"walk the walk"

In that regard - steer the 34's with possible info to report to outside agencies or even internal affairs @ APD "if" their is a true issue(s). Each valid issue, one at a time, building a new foundation of Department integrity in the process!

"If" it is just venting - remember this is a public viewed forum - and "walk the walk" , i.e. set the example that an LE career requires in the wording of the posts!

If an internal issue(s) are at stake and warrant it - utilize the APD union to address the issue (once you have exhausted internal mechanisms) if the Union has an issue(s) work to correct that as well!

Use building blocks, common sense and the Integrity that our profession demands..use it 24/7, protect your community, serve your community, never compromise your personal integrity, support your peers - never covering up for them if they cross the line!

Anyway....enough said, I hope the "eye" has the best interests of APD and community at heart - steer the 34's in the right direction! old saying I began to hear as I was retiring - about APD, was "we eat our young" - it sickened me, but it appeared we were heading down that trail - I say "enough, stop, correct it! Work together!"

Thanks for providing an email contact

for the "eye" - don't let the community and APD down!


Additionally, I have faith the sworn and civilian will take heed, and the following will occur at this critical time for APD:

1) Work together, professionally as the LE Code of Conduct requires.

2) Stand your ground for the citizens you have sworm to protect-
 professionally document your actions on your calls - let the facts of your actions speak for the actions taken on a call. Couple that with your professional training the standards taught around the country that your LE training is based on - for the decisions you make daily. Stand proud!

3) If you have not, then take up and continue an open and honest dialogue with your community and the media - be proactive in this regard!

4) Remember these adages; "DO THE RIGHT THING","It is what it is....." and"gut feelings are usually right on the mark" - as they come from solid training, good leadership practices, common sense and experience in the field!

5) The words used to describe great "cops" range from Integrity, Courage, Perseverance, Humility.....Compassion, Empathy.......and your actions may range from simply being a scribe to document the facts of as call, a social worker, a EMT first responder, a referee, a counselor, all the way to a criminal investigator, a hostage negotiator and/or at a moments notice a honorable yet fully committed and trained warrior while protecting the life of another or possibly your own life!

Remember all of these roles and especially ..............

Last but not least - remember you joined the truly great and noble profession of Law Enforcement - -


Naive is something the Eye On Albuquerque is NOT. Take for example the next few questions and review the answers.

What happens when the internal mechanisms fails/doesn't respond to issues?

What happens when the labor unions’ fails/doesn’t respond to issues?

What happens when outside oversight fails/doesn't respond to issues?

What happens when local media fails/doesn't respond to issues?

Everything APD does from retaliatory terminations to unmerited promotions to indifferences when officer's abuse their authority to cover ups to outright criminal actions this is the true reality of APD now.

What happens is open expression; from the Eye speaking out to citizens sand bagging city council, to political action. All those other mechanisms failed. So that is one huge reason the Eye exists; to make things right…

One final thought:

For as long as we have watched Paul Heh, he has been calling for sunlight and transparency on all matters. If there are issues, let them be exposed, let responsibility fall where it may and move forward. When Ray Schultz's boss Darren White failed to take responsibility for his actions, Paul Heh did not call for cover-ups, he called for an open investigation. When it became clear the department was not going to investigate significant concerns about misspent union funds, Paul Heh did not try to finesse a deal; he called for an independent investigation. In all matters concerning Berry and Schultz, Paul Heh has called it like he sees it, open up the books. If there's nothing to hide then why fight so hard to keep things hidden?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Eye nailed it again,,,,,,,Berry's having a fund raiser put on by that Sherman McCorkle guy. $1000 bucks a plate. But here's the kicker.....lit's being held at Emcore crime scene!!!!!!!!!!! CANNOT MAKE THIS UP,!!!!!,,!, Maybe the following week Berry can hold a picnic out at the west Mesa murder field!!!

Anonymous said...

Use IA? DoJ is investigating their corruption by management
Use APOA? This only works if the mechanisms they operate in are fair and functioning. When IA is being investigated for corruption itself how can the Union report corruption to IA?
Police Oversight? They will not accept complaints from 34s or APOA saying it is a conflict of interest.
The IRO? He quit because he was sick of his hands being tied by an ordinance that says to investigate APD he must have APD's permission.

That leaves the DoJ and this blog.

Anonymous said...

Time to investigate Bret's narcotics sergeant.

The Other Guy said...

Regarding the mayor's fundraiser at the mass crime scene...will there be a Groupon for it? I can't swing a grand but I can probably get a cpl happy meals to bring.

Anonymous said...

10:46 what are you saying?

Anonymous said...

10:46 AM:

Stop the hinting like school girls and just say what you mean. Why?

Anonymous said...

Capt Spain you have good thoughts but things arent old school with Schultz. The days of doing police work and putting the crooks in jail is long gone. We have Sgt. in positions that werent ever posted. We have Sgt who are getting cush jobs because of their ass kissing abilities not because of their inelligence, skill, and supervisory skills.

Anonymous said...

@1215 we have Sgts getting swat when their OIS has not been cleared by anyone other than his former IA coworkers

Anonymous said...

Peck is a swat Sgt?