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Mar 13, 2013

Omission, Distortions, and Lies

As this week draws to a close with much of the city’s attention consumed with the wrongful death lawsuit brought on by APD detective Brett Lampiris-Tremba’s shooting of Ken Ellis III, let us reflect upon the reason we are where we are. Under the leadership of Raymond Schultz, not only did APD fail the citizens, Mr. Ellis, and Mr. Ellis son, but it also failed Detective Lampiris. The culpability of this death falls squarely on Raymond Schultz and his inept management of APD since he became chief in 2005 and especially since 2010 when there was a dramatic spike in officer involved shootings.

Yet Mayor Berry’s chief claims ignorance of this spike in force. 

Yet Mayor Berry’s chief claims he responded appropriately in 2011 when he was “alerted” to the spike in shootings. 

Yet by Ray Schultz’s own prior statements, if there is anybody who knows what is going on with incidents of force and their frequency, it is Ray Schultz.

As he stated under oath in a deposition in 2008:

3 Q Use of force form, what is that?

4 A It's a form that's filled out when officers go

5 hands-on with somebody and utilize force. It is filled

6 out.

7 Q By the officers?

8 A By the supervisor of the officers.

9 Q Okay. And does that require that the officers

10 involved in the use of force also give statements at

11 that time?

12 A They write their own police reports.

13 Q And does that go any farther once the use of

14 force form is filed?

15 A Yes, it goes to Operations Review; and then a

16 copy goes to Internal Affairs, to be included in their

17 early warning system; and then it's reviewed by the

18 officer's lieutenant to make sure the use of force was

19 appropriate.


24 Then, who gets it to review it to see if it is

25 a problem?


1 A Originally, it goes to the Internal Affairs

2 lieutenant. I meet with the lieutenant once a week. He

3 brings the reports once a month. They are distributed

4 to the appropriate deputy chief and through to the

5 captain, to the lieutenant, and then to the sergeant.

6 And then the captain will usually do a review of the

7 early warning system.

HERE IS PROOF Raymond Schultz knew exactly what was transpiring with the use of force including all of the officer involved shootings?  Allow us to walk you through it.

As we all know, Ray Schultz by his own admission meets with his Operations Review lieutenant at least once a week to discuss use of force incidents in the department. Plus Schultz also meets with the Internal Affairs lieutenant once a week and the Internal Affairs lieutenant follows up by brings Schultz the use of force reports once a month.

So let us provide a summary of this: First, Schultz meets face-to-face each week with the Operations Lieutenant to review use of force in the department; Second, Schultz meets the Internal Affairs lieutenant to discuss the use of force issues and other problems in APD and is told by the Internal Affairs lieutenant about each and every use of force reported;  Third, Schultz is hand delivered the reports directly from the Internal Affairs Lieutenant.

There is no ambiguity here; Raymond Schultz knew exactly what was transpiring in his police department concerning the use of force; Schultz choose to ignore it.  Was this self-ignorance because of bad advice from City Attorney David Tourek or Kathy Levy? Ultimately, Schultz is the Chief and is completely responsible and accountable for the police department.

Given the city’s population and the US Department of Justice observations from the outside looking in there was an issue, here is clear proof Ray Schultz knew what was going on…..and failed to do anything about it.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha....Schultz is done.
And I know exactly what federal civil rights lawsuit against the liar Schultz that statement is going to be used in! He should have done the right thing from the beginning, and all that IS coming wouldn't be. I wouldn't want to be that clown for all the gold in the world. My bet is Levy will hightail it the hell out of here real soon to avoid the avalanche coming after this trial. Stipulations, pleas and settlements will be the words of the day except for a few who I know will refuse to settle for any amount of money. They are not going to be able to buy off a few folks and those suits are going to result in criminal charges for these liars and case tamperers.

Schultz not only does not fire liars, He hires them! He must want a force more reflective of his character. He likes to promote them too. And you tell me there is not something severely wrong with the promotional process. I can't wait till the decision, so that everyone involved in APD's promotional process is humiliated also. What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

And the ultimate person who is accountable? R G BERRY for keeping Schultz.

The citizens need to vote Berry out in a landslide in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Read Joe Monahan March 12 and 13, the world is falling apart for Berry and Schultz. The Albuquerque taxpayer will be writing some rather large checks because of the inept leadership of these two fools.

Anonymous said...

Watcha gonna do when they come for you???? What is the 5th floor going to do with Bret and his new revolution of a statement that suddenly occurred?????????????

Anonymous said...

Just in case you missed it, KOB did a excellant job on this article regarding Mary Han's death. APD / City officials should be ashamed of their conduct. Is it true there is a picture of a deputy chief of police reading from a confidential clients notebook he found in Mary Han's house? I haven't seen the picture but many attorneys are saying it exists and will be brought into court for the Han trial. Now how can APD and this DCOP explain why he is reading confidential records between an attorney and their client? I meand APD came right out and said it was a suicide so there was no reason. It appears this DCOP was more interested in what was in Mary's files than in looking into her death.

Albuquerque open your pocket book, we are paying out again. Maybe Chief Tucker can come back on this one and tell Schultz he is a screw up again.

Anonymous said...

Can you say OWNED? What a fuck'n bunch of sad sacks. APD....HOW NOT TO BE!

Anonymous said...

It was just at was across the country. Over a thousand comments on the story at any of the national sites. Funny how people can smell bullshirt from Levy all the brass there were her friends. Friends like defendant Banks, Feist, Adams, White, Lopez, Wilham, and Mason...oh wait Levy said they were there to secure sensitive legal material and handle the press....lmao, like BLT she can't get her story straight...

Anonymous said...

"A top official with New Mexico Attorney General Gary King said the office decided in January to look at the Han case. The official spoke on condition of anonymity, citing a policy against commenting on ongoing investigations. The official said the office also asked federal officials to look at the case as part of a civil rights probe of 28 police shootings that have killed 18 people over the past three years. The FBI and the U.S. attorney's office declined to confirm or deny any investigation."

Anonymous said...

KOB didn't write that article. They posted an article written by the Associated Press. Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

In an ironic twist of fate, it will be Mary Hahn,from the grave no less, who brings down APD I.e.,Chief Schultz and Mayor Berry specifically. The DOJ will close the doors and re -open for business under new management. IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME!

Anonymous said...

How does it feel Schultz?
How does it feel to know that EVERYONE is smart to your game?
How does it feel to KNOW that everyone KNOWS that you are a LIAR?
How does it feel to know that everyone knows that you are a failure? How dose it feel to know that everyone now sees through all of the shit you pulled to protect your coward ass including covering up bad shoots, lying to the media and throwing good officers under the bus? How does it feel to have anothert ex-chief come into your house and piss all over your floor, then call your judgement bad? You wouldn't know, because you didn't have the balls to be there to face it. Like the usual punk, you hide, then poke your head out after the smoke clears. Well, pal, the smoke hasn't begun to clear. Someone here advised you to keep your big mouth shut and stay off the television, but your foolish ass just can't pay attention. It's going to be pure entertainment seeing more and more judges of your lack of character come into APD, drink your milk out of your refrigerator and wipe off on your curtains on their way out.

City council is calling for your resignation. The APOA is is calling for your resignation. The citizens have been calling for your resignation for years. The DOJ is gathering evidence like it's no tomorrow. Someone with a functioning brain would know their gig is up. Key word being brain. You don't have one. This case is only the first in a diverse group of cases coming your way and everyone is going to smash the shit out of your reputation like just like you have done to an entire organization and city.

Your fraud of a city attorney has opened the flood gates. The stipulations and testimony along with your lack of ability to keep track of your lies in testimony and depositions is all there. It's collected and sitting there waiting for every lawsuit that is coming your way. You my friend are undefendable.

Don't believe in karma?
You better now.
Righeousness is finally happening and all of your co-conspiritors like Trudy who's motives are as transparent as a pane of glass are full of shit.

The DOJ will look at all motives of those who are covering for you and find out just why you are still in place. We all know. They will too.

Your land of OZ is over.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Benton and Lewis doing right by the citizens of Albuquerque and not worrying about being democrats or republicans.

Ray needs to be fired!

Anonymous said...

Proctor finally prints the truth. Although the three motions in favor of the defendants weren't a blip on the radar screen in the scheme of things.

Kennedy: "the defendants have told you many lies; the plaintiffs have shown you the truth."

How True!
Great Quote.

Anonymous said...

After hearing Levy's closing argument it is obvious that this hideous cretin has no honor, and will say anything to cover for and make excuses for blatant corruption and biased behavior. She is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Liar Levy asks the jury for fairness and resonableness in awarding damages.....

Where was the fairness and reasonableness when Ken Ellis was murdered? The hypocrisy behind these people is amazing. I hope the jury is as excessive in their award as The cop was that killed Ken and the lies that Levy told were.

Anonymous said...

Closing Arguments have begun, and the Attys for APD & the City have asked the Jury to be "Fair & Reasonable in the Amount they Award the Family" Seriously a little to late you Stupid Idiots! I say screw you,and I myself a taxpayer knows what's coming down the pike, but this is the price you pay when you have Stupid running a City & a Police Department!!! You deserve it bit you have coming to you!!!


Anonymous said...

Levy said "Game Changer"
Freudian Slip Virginia?
Because everything is a game to you isn't it? Nothing but a game. People's lives are nothing but another obstacle in getting your lies and agenda across. You are a total physical and moral disgrace upon humanity. Isn't fun anymore when you are outside of your corrupt little sphere of influence.

Carpenter, you nailed it on so many levels. Primarily that Schultz wasn't there, and that's because he is a coward. You and your firm did an outstanding job for Ken and his family. Great work. Let this shape the road to Schultz Levy and Berry's exit.

Anonymous said...

Levy admitted in closing that Bret lied twice during his career. We should just blow that off though not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

And while Republican city council president calls for Schultz's termination MAYOR BERRY is "unavailable for comment." Where his PIO?

Biggest CHICKENSHIT person ever seen. At least Schultz is arrogant enough to say Lewis can see him in his office anytime. Berry just hides. CHICKENSHIT!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Bret remembered that Ken took a step toward the officers, why didn't Levy bring in someone to corroborate that? If Bret "bared his soul" like Levy said why wasn't he honest? If Ray is so proud of his department and what he has accomplished why didn't he defend it?

Truth about Mary Hahn and a reckoning from the grave. Thanks to the associated press reporter who took it away from the local news media who can't seem to find a local story and report it correctly. All the local reporters end up as PIOs for the state.

Anonymous said...

Guess lying on a time sheet is common for Bret and the rest of narcotics. Time sheet fraud is a crime.

Anonymous said...

Levy closing argument "but who was Kenneth Ellis?" Fuck Kathy just say what you really want to say. You're telling the jury he had to love his son and but who was Kenneth? You are telling the jury you think he was worthless and you think his kid is too since it wasn't how he loved his son but how he had to love him. You aren't saying we are innocent but ken is worthless so don't fine us.
Way to out the real problem with APD! Even the attorney thinks some people are worthless and just told a jury it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Schultz according to the Journal you gave up family time. Are you fuckin* serious? Do you think you are the only person who has given your life to APD? You need to get a grip. You should think about your "lil buddy" system that failed you. That is why DOJ is here. You are a discrace and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Schultz did give up family time, but he had good friends with him on his trips out of town.

Anonymous said...

From all the people fucked over by Schultz and Levy: All your testimonies and descrepancies are belong to us!!!!!

Get ready for the Blitz, you asshats. I am buying a warehouse full of popcorn for the up and coming events. This shit is going to be better than UFC on Judgement after hitting the lottery.

The downfall of these corrupt worms is going to be epic. I have warm fuzzies just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Schultz gave up family time!?!?
Is this guy about the biggest martyr there is?!?!? Give me a fucking break! Oh woe is Ray! This guy has absolutely no shame, and truly must be out of his fucking mind to say something like that with all of this shit going on. Fire this motherfucker already!

By the way, I would give my left nut to see what this filth considers family time.

Anonymous said...

Hugo Chavez passed away and Venezuela is in need of a new dictator. If Schultz was smart, he would be getting a new passport and bording the next jet heading south of the boarder for his new job and hideout from the DOJ.
Adios El Burro!

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why the city doesn't use timecards so we can just clock in and out. Oh, that would be too easy ...instead we get to fill out another form ...

Anonymous said...

Before we cash out this fucker someone check his paperwork. We know how many times everyone was saying where the hell is the Chief. He had better have been on leave every single time. How much sick and vacation did he accumulate while he and friends kept disappearing for half days?

Anonymous said...

His cash out will be a tremendous amount because all of the folks that are salary employees seem to forget to fill out the paperwork that the rest of us have to fill out. We would bet to say that the Chiefs P30's do not match up with all the "time off" he took. But then again EVEN HE said HE SACRIFICED so much time having to work on his days off etc...

Stealth said...

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