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Sep 18, 2007

Cruising with More BS than MBA

We both love and hate the Albuquerque Journal Candidate Questionnaires. They usually consist of eight or so questions about district issues followed by the obligatory "gotcha" questions that the Pope himself wouldn't want to answer without fibbing a little. The most amusing question is always held for last - the mea culpa question for candidates and incumbents.
Have you ever been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of drunken driving, any misdemeanor or any felony in New Mexico or any other state?
The question is soooo broad that if you've got a pulse and are above the age of 18, you've got to answer "yes" or you've been living in a convent all of your life. Remember, traffic tickets are misdemeanors and even if you are found not guilty of a traffic violation, you have still been "charged with" a misdemeanor. Apparently, Honey Bee de'Pascal has been living in the afore mentioned convent because she answered "no," but we digress.

The questionnaire also contains some other information like party affiliation, place of residence, age, occupation, family, political/government experience, and education. When asked about her education The Honey Bee buzzed out the following:
St. Joseph HS, N.Y., TVI Certified Nursing Assistant Program; TVI LPN Program, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, CA., NM Real Estate Institute, BS, MBA, Almeda University, ID, Continuing Education for Real Estate every three years.
It's the B.S. and M.B.A. stuff that caught our attention. Our Eyes told us that Ms. de'Pascal didn't have a collegiate level degree, so the B.S. and M.B.A. from Almeda University really grabbed our attention.

After a little digging (about 2 seconds really) we found out that Almeda University is what is commonly known as a diploma mill.

Almeda University is an unaccredited American diploma mill that offers an MBA program through online courses, a "Life Experience Degree" and an online certificate program. Almeda University was founded in 1997.[1]

Almeda is not accredited by any recognized accreditation body. As such its degrees are not acceptable to any employers or other institutions and the use of its degree titles may be restricted or illegal in some jurisdictions.
We didn't just take Wikipedia's word for it; we found another site by the U.S. Department of Education that allows users to check college accreditation. You guessed it... no Almeda University.

Did Ms. de'Pascal lie on her Journal Questionnaire? Probably not; she more than likely holds these two degrees that according to and Wikipedia are really more BS than anything else. The problem is that her degrees are not even legal in some jurisdictions and claiming them in her campaign is just one more attempt to embezzle the votes of district 4 voters.

In our opinion this is a far more egregious act than Sticky Fingers Garduño's larceny. Claiming degrees from an unaccredited university is an intentional act designed to fool the voters into believing she has recognized credentials that she has not earned; for the sole purpose of winning an election. The Honey Bee's supporters might want to start asking themselves if they really know anything about the person they support.

The good news is that in the next few days you will have to start referring to us as Dr. Eye (Courtesy of Almeda University). The bad news for the de'Pascal Pleasure Cruise, Captain Payne, the Almighty Marty, and the Honey Bee herself is that her degrees aren't worth the paper that they're printed on... or for that matter the one that they're printed in.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eye, lighten up! So Honey Bee doesn't follow the typical pattern for NM candidates. You know,"attended classes at . . ." (See Kevin Wilson, Dist 6) Maybe we've got it all wrong about the Payne/Marty connection. Sounds like her campaign is being run by UNM coaches. But seriously, if Dist 4 voters put this woman on the Council, they will only have themselves to blame. Unfortunately, since she is running on the public's dime, we will all pay for it

Anonymous said...

Where do these phonies come from? The same rock that Greg Payne crawled out from under?
And, JoanIE Griffin? I'm sorry, de'Pascal & Griffin(JoanIE) are no more qualified to be City Councilors than Geraldine Amato or Sandra ( wicked witch of the NORTHeast)Richardson. Will you please just go get jobs. They're all just pissed off man eater axe grinders that are desperately trying to prove to everyone that they are qualified to do something other than waitressing at the Frontier resturant.

Anonymous said...

Good eye Mr Eye, I was wondering about that education answer myself...

Anonymous said...

'Eye', get real with this poll. There is no possible way that the constituents of District 4 are voting for this 'ditz'. It's clear that the de'Pascal campaign people are voting multiple times to push this poll as IF she could possibly win. The same goes for the JoanIE Griffin campaign. Give it up, get a real job and stop this charade. Neither of you qualify. You'd both be perfect for a parts delivery person for NAPA Auto Parts.
And what's with 'Joanie'. Even Ricky Schroeder and Ricky Nelson dropped the little kid name after 40. Professionally and after 50, you should certainly go by your given name and stop with the cuteSY
names, unless you plan to drive a delivery truck, work at Denny's or TDs.

Anonymous said...

This Democrat in District 4 will vote for Republican Brad Winter as I always have. He is the most qualified and does his very best for our district.

Let Honey Bee buzz back to Major Payne from whence she came. I'm sick of the Almighty Alcade sticking to Brad Winter for having the AUDACITY to run for Mayor against Marty!

Anonymous said...

This is one more sham by the Honey Bee de Pascal. Her whole campaign in nothing more than a fraud. Someone needs to check her voting residences with the County Clerks Office. She has changed her voting address several times in the last few months. In March 07, she showed an address on Quincy, which was not in District 4. Then in May 07 she changed her address to her Ex-husbands address in the District. Then in August, she changes again. The bottom line is that she did not live in the District when she filed to run. De Pascal has committed fraud to get on the ballot and additional fraud to obtain tax payer funded Campaign Financing. Those individuals that helped her to get on the ballot and obtain the funds have also committed fraud and should be held accountable. I am very frustrated that no one has called a spade a spade and brought her and the people who have helped her up on ethics charges. Captain Payne and the Alcalde need to be held accountable for there illegal activities.

Anonymous said...

Captain Payne, the king bee of lying on candidate surveys, has schooled the Honey Bee well. One wonders if Captain Payne provides such diplomas to his better students too.

jennifer olguin said...

Wow! Somebody is awake 2 posts up! No she did not live in the district when she filed to run. Also she had just changed her party affiliation from Republican to Democrat when Marty's people called her.
About today's "degree fraud" : strange that someone who claims that she will improve education has fake degrees herself. One son is a high school dropout. The other son is on the taxpayers payroll working on her campaign. Also the "nursing programs" she mentions in the paper were never finished.
Wake Up Albuquerque - tell this fraud to get out of town!

outside observer said...

well, it's obvious that this blog is completely pro brad winter. very slanted too. and it is really getting old the tirade about de pascal and her financial woes...puhplease...can't you come up with something more creative than to blast her on silly things? you silly silly people

Anonymous said...

Shut up Greg!
Go throw a coke can at a cop.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone,any citizen step up and get involved in the political process that has any integrity, honesty, brains,ethics, or morals?
Well then, we deserve what we get, don't we?
Can anyone get some huevos and hold these unethical people and their practices accountable?
Well then...............

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? People with ethics and morals and integrity don't EVER get elected. They are underfunded BECAUSE they are ethical, and don't have the means to run an effective campaign. Those who are rich enough to afford a strng campaign are typically unethical. Do some research.

Money = no integrity

Integrity = no money, and therefore, no votes.

It's just that simple.

valerie harris said...

Hmmm. Now one has to wonder about her "Consulting" business. Exactly who are her clients? What is her annual income? Did she use the fake degrees to get clients? Why else would she have paid for these worthless pieces of paper?
Oh and to the blogger who says lying about credentials is "silly,silly". Why don't you post your real name? How often do you lie about your credentials?

Anna Herrera said...

Her son works on her campaign? Where can we get the payroll records? If she's not honest in answering questions to the Journal, then maybe she's not honest about all the other expenditures she's claiming. I'll bet even Marty and Company didn't realize they were poking the Honey Bee's nest when they picked this one!!

mike said...

Yeah. Let's see how long it takes Marty to dump this one. She's obviously a liability. And let's face it, he doesn't need that.

Rachel Douglass said...

Now the real Paulette comes out. We've all been waiting for her track record to show itself. Things will get interesting from here on out. You can't keep a history like hers secret for long. Just read the public records. And no - we don't all have "skeletons" in our closets - if that's what you call lying about your credentials.

Anonymous said...

"poking the Honey Bees nest"?
I'll bet he is.