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Sep 6, 2007

Petulant Paulette

District 4 council candidate Paulette de'Pascal is out with a mail piece that screams "Bad Brad!" Apparently, she's got her dander up about the revelations coming from the blogs (including this one) and other media outlets. We haven't seen the piece but the Pascal Pleasure Cruise on our dime, made sure that the Tribune got a copy which resulted in a front page story.

You see Ms. de'Pascal (Martycrat) is going through a messy divorce, which frankly isn't news in and of itself. However, when your soon to be (or at least sometime in the future to be) ex-husband is accusing you of embezzling $60,000 you can bet it's going to become an issue in your council race. Right now there has been no finding regarding the accusations against her which makes the divorce in question not only relevant, but an important consideration when choosing a councilor.
Martycrat- An ambitious politician that swears allegiance not to their party or their constituents but rather the Almighty Marty, King of the 11th floor, maker of media, and prince of the pedantic. Can be identified by a tendency to switch parties right before elections and will act like Republicans whenever addressing certain development groups. Right now there are three running for office and one likely to be appointed.
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After all, we have seen far too many public officials on the take here in New Mexico. Do we really need to elect someone who may be responsible for putting company funds in their own pocket? Honey Bee Paulette is solely responsible for choosing to run in this election, at a time when her actions are still in dispute. For her to try to grab the mantle of victim through a childish mail piece only reminds voters of how foolish she looked after the release of the Sandra Richardson email.

Speaking of Captain Payne, this "Bad Brad" mail piece has his finger prints all over it. It's precisely the type of piece he would come up with to try to put the Honey Bee back in the race. Unfortunately, this one only serves to make his candidate look somewhat childish, while bringing up the issue of her divorce the underlying claims. Folks the divorce ain't the issue, otherwise we'd be talking about her other ones. The issue is her integrity and ability to lead.


maggie said...

Ha. I think the statement that Paulette made sure The Tribune got the flier is funny. I work at the Trib and one of our staff brought the flier in from home because they got it in their mailbox and found it interesting. Nothing more than that. just thought I'd add that bit of balance for your readers.
Maggie Shepard

Anonymous said...

Well,speaking of Greg Payne; why is it that he and Barry Bitzer, (So called Republicans)those who are fed,bought and paid for By Marty Chavez, are helping defeat a fellow Republican in Council District 4?
Where in the Republican Party lies the loyalty? Where does Col. Weh, weigh in on this? ( Better question, When)
Isn't about time that these turn coats are exposed and abolished from the party?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree.
Bigger question.
Are the voters of Distrct 9 willing to throw out the baby with the bath water? Beware of the wolf's plan. Are you willing to get rid of Don, only to be replaced (appointed) by the likes of JoanNIE Griffin, Paulette de'Pascale or the other idiot running against O'Malley in Distrct 2?
Your choice, but NONE of them is qualified to run a hot dog stand at the State Fair.
Aren't we all just a little tired of incompetent people running this city?
Oh, by the way their reputations are about as good as anyone walking Central.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE! Electing this women over a very competent, experienced Councilor like Brad Winter to represent us, is like issuing Greg Payne a gun and a badge.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better.
Greg & Paulette- what a pair.
More in commen than you think.

Anonymous said...

As president of a neighborhood association in District 4, I can assure you that Brad Winter will be our next Councilor.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason to switch horses in THIS race.
Brad Winter, all the way.

Anonymous said...

" Bad Brad" Ooooh!
It's 'Time out' for you.
Get real. Do we really want to elect this women? One that will be surely taking orders from Greg Payne and Marty Chavez?
Being in law enforcement, I can assure you that Brad Winter is one Councilor we need to retain. One who fights for the rank and file, and doesn't resort to getting drunk and throwing cans out the window of the car, like the campaign manager(City Transit Director)of Paulette's.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Winter and I have not had any professional interaction for years, but I substituted at HHS when the detective there was on military leave. Back then in the early 90s, Brad was a vivacious Assistant Principal who was known as a track and field FIEND. He worked WITH me as an APS Police Officer, not telling me how to do my job or trying to cover anything up. I was busy and wrote lots of reports, he covered up NOT ONE. Unlike many other principals I can remember. As far as I know, he is an honorable man with a balanced life. People who attack others with such tactics perhaps are not of the moral caliber that those who they attack?

J. Lopez

joe schmedlap said...

Id second that post above and add this as to his integrity -- when a member of Brads family got in trouble he made sure it was treated fairly with no cover up -- when Officer Sholtis busted Payne , Greg denied it, went on air with Villanucci and lied and puffed up and threatened all of the PD... until the tape was released and he had to fess up and run off to rehab. Greg hasnt shown much of anything to add to his integrity since that time.

Anonymous said...

Rehab? Really? NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of integrity; there is none in this de'Pascal, Payne Witchardson campaign. None,zero, PERIOD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This race in Ditrict 4 is absolutely a no-brainer. Winter wins it hands down.
FYI. Director Payne is having City employees vote in this blogs latest poll for his girlfriend, Paulette.
Disgracful. Neither have morals,scruples,integrity or ethics.

john voter said...

The "Bad Brad" ad calls to mind the shouting match Paulette was involved in while working for Christopher Copolla. According to the Journal reports, she brawled in the hallway of the Round House, then accused film industry employee John Hendry of assaulting her! She appears to use the victim role quite a lot to get what she wants. The voters should tell Paulette and her handlers, Greg, Sandra and Marty that we don't want a sreaming shrew victim for the next city councilor. Read the Journal reports for yourselves.

f.d. said...

Forget how many divorces she's got under her belt (3). How many bankruptcies has she gone through - 2. Do the voters really want to trust somebody who can't even handle their own finances and has to go through 2 bankruptcies? Someone who files many restraining orders on many people?

Anonymous said...

I still want to know if Daskalos has given her any money.

Anonymous said...

"Rehab? Really? NOT!!! "
posted September 11, 2007 4:44:00 PM MDT ;

according to staff at the Republican party office approx. two weeks after the incident in question we were told that is where GReg was -- whether he went or not is another question but one would expect them to be telling the truth since it wasnt really something to brag about