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Sep 24, 2007

Letters to The Eye: Peter Ryan Lynch Responds

We received this as a comment to our Fault and Desecration post. Although we can't verify that it is from Mr. Lynch, its content leads us to believe that it is indeed written by Mr. Lynch. His comment was well written and provides a detailed explanation of his actions with regard to the Mexican national flag. As with most stories, there's more to this one than meets the eye.

Peter Ryan Lynch Responds

My fellow Americans,

My name is Peter Ryan Lynch; I am a student at UNM. I am a decorated 8-year veteran of the US military, honorably discharge this July. I am appalled a foreign banner flew unaccompanied on UNM campus flagpole for three days, including a US holiday. I am an American passionate about our country and I would feel the same way if it were ANY foreign banner.

The Mexican flag was flying over UNM campus unaccompanied by an American flag on U.S. Constitution Day 17 September 2007.

According to United States Code (Federal Law):
"The flag should be displayed on all days especially on… Constitution Day, September 17…."

"The flag should be displayed daily on or near the main administration building of every public institution."

"The flag should be displayed during school days in or near every schoolhouse."

Throughout history, flying a nation’s banner is a claim of ownership. To do this on U.S. Constitution Day is an insult to all Americans. I am outraged that UNM administration allowed this happen. I thought before my class was over they would address the issue. I left class, and the foreign banner was still unaccompanied. I went to the dean’s office, pleading for action. I also notified Army ROTC, who has the honor of raising and lowering the US flag on UNM campus this month. I waited one and one half-hours after these notifications to take action myself. I made a profound statement and tore down this foreign banner. My actions although overzealous, are warranted.

Americans have one of the most diverse cultures on the planet, we embrace our differences, and unless you are a foreign visitor or illegal immigrant then your nationality is American! We are all equals under the Constitution and Stars and Stripes that protect us. Americans should fly their historical nations’ banners with pride. UNM is a public institution, governed by the laws of our nation, and on 17 September 2007, Federal law was broken; American’s are insulted. I am livid, with all the press coverage, only Julian "Top" Martinez said anything in my defense. Furthermore, the press has a responsibility to gather all the facts before printing.

I would like to assure El Centro de la Raza that hate or racism did not motivate my actions. I ask UNM administration specifically, David Schmidly (University President), Rita Martinez-Purson (Interim Vice President for Academic Diversity), and Cheo Torres (Vice President for Academic Affairs), to apologize to all the American Students, including Mexican-American students, for allowing a foreign banner to fly over UNM for three days in violation of Federal laws.

Peter Ryan Lynch


Anonymous said...

First of all,thank you for serving your country. As a Viet Nam veteran, I appreciate you and others for allowing us, who already served, to sleep at night. Your actions were the right thing to do no matter what anyone wants to come up with as an excuse to condem what you did. You stood up, which is more than I can say for ANY politician in this city or state as they have NO balls.
This story needs to be told and forwarded onto Sean Hannity, Bill O'Rielly, or even Rush Limbaugh.
Please tell this story to them. It just may curb this attitude of disrespect of this (our)country by university administrators and an attitude that is so vehemently embraced by our local politicians.

Anonymous said...

If anyone decides to use this as a political stepping stone, where can we donate for your defense?

Anonymous said...

I hope this is an accurate letter. If I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Lynch, I would shake his hands. The patriotism in this country- SUCKS. You drive around and see tattered flags, U.S. flags flying below other flags, PATHETIC. On sept. 11th, all flags should have been at half mast,, hehehe thats funny, its rare to see anyone following the rules and etiquette regarding flag flying. The flag is the ultimate symbol of our country. The first walk on the moon, first thing placed on the moon- THE US flag. The Marines fighting at Iwo Jima, --- The flag brought up by the Marines. Come on people gather together and please lets start to show some respect for our country---We are lucky we are here. There is a reason why our country isnt getting bombed and attacked like Europe... Because we KICK ASS

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr. Lynch - and THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

MR Lynch please contact Attorney John D'Amato if you are facing any criminal charges, he will represent you for free 246-0045. Please post when your court date is, the entire rank and file of APD want to be at the courtroom to shake your hand and say thank you.

Anonymous said...

Why do we celebrate the national holiday of a foreign nation in this country? Why celeberate the independence day of Mexico, but not of other nations? I don't have anything against Mexico, in particular. I really admire the industry and fortitude of Mexican immigrants. But I have not forgotten that Mexico is a foreign country. When is the court date, Mr. Lynch?

Susy said...

My sincerest thank you to you, Peter, for having the passionate respect for the American flag, a flag many of our forefathers fought and died for. Shame on UNM administrators for once again turning a blind eye to what is totally inproper behaviour. Hopefully, they will be wise to take care of this matter in the manner it should be or I hope they face federal sanctions for allowing this blatant disregard for federal law.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where's the Mayor's outrage over this? .........................................................................................................................................................Still waiting.

Just as I thought. Had he serve his country, maybe we would.

Anonymous said...

Indded..everyone who is outraged about this blatant disregard for our country needs to go to and post this story. Cut and paste people. The country needs to know about this. Mr Lynch, you are a true patriot, and I thank you for standing up for what's right!

Bill said...

Peter please tell them to shove it.
If they want to charge you with something, tell them to do it or get off the pot. Let's see if they can find a DA dumb enough to try the case and a jury that will convict. They are blowing smoke and they know it.

Susy said...

Peter's letter is in Hannity's hands.

Anonymous said...

Kudo's to the young man who lowered the Mexican Flag. Whether the letter was written by a real person or not. He did the right thing. Until the Mexican government supplies the University with funds,as well as making the area a Mexican Counselette and backing it will remain the same. But that will never happen, they want their criminals out of their country and into ours. I'm not against those who come here and try to make a better life for themselves and are willing to follow the rules. Just those who want to get our rigthts handed to them without any effort.

You all need to understand and know that NO FLAG, not even the State flag will be flown higher than the US Flag. Plus, if it isn't being flown each day, someone should look into why this isn't being done.Don't they teach you people anything.

Plus, to the person who is waiting for the Mayor to say anything, you'll be dust before that happens. He's to busy allowing illegals to come into the city and get special prevliges, so he can win another election. Wish more people would wake up to what he's doing. Or rather the lack of. The illegals in this city have more rights than those who are Americans by birth, when their parents were also legal. Not appointed by someone who has his own personal gains in mind.

jj Lujan said...

Peter, if you find yourself over here on this blog again could you tell us what the charge was on the summons you received? I can not see how it could be any more than larceny under $100, if these fools charged you with anything else it can be nothing more than targeting you based on some weird belief that enforcing rules is somehow "racist" in their minds.

Former naval officer said...

The President of UNM made an appallingly bad and irreversible mistake. If this is is his idea of cuurying favor, then he has no concept of reaity and what whould be conveyed to the students of what New Mexicans want imparted to their sons and daughters. Perhaps he should apologize --or RESIGN!

Anonymous said...

I am Peter Lynch... It's me I did write the letter. Find me on MySpace .... just search Peter Lynch Also Bill Richardson is on there... maybe you want to email him?

Anonymous said...

You serve our country and his is how you treated!! Good for you Smarty Marty. Bring more criminals in and prosecute war veterans.Everyone who reads this should demand that the frivilous charges are dropped and an apology is given to Mr. Lynch.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Mr. Lynch, It's about time the citizens of the United States take our country back. This is not Mexico!!!

Anonymous said...

I dare anyone to file criminal charges on him. THAT I will assure you, will make national news.
He has more balls than anyone who holds public office or administrative positions at UNM.
Liberals. Get your heads on straight. Review(learn) your history. You stupid, unconsciencious, idiots.
Can you not see that you are all flushing this contry down the drain and making a mockery of just what the last generation did for this country?
Leave this counrty and go live with in a communist state, you spoiled little pricks.

Lisa said...

Peter, thank you we need more people like you. What is UNM thinking and yes where is the mayor.

Anonymous said...

If any charges are filed please let me know i will back you up in anyway i can. Thank you again.

Lisa said...

your myspace is not working LOL
there must be alot of people trying to go there.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh whatever. Just get them another flag. Just make sure they fly it on a kite string over Mexico, or El Paso for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lynch,

What has the Mexican government done for the U.S. lately?

On September 1, 2005 Mexican aid workers set up temporary headquarters in the Houston Astrodome to assist Mexican nationals affected by Katrina, and also offered to cover the costs of returning them to Mexico. Also offered was teams of epidemiologists, to reduce the risks of infections caused by mosquitoes.

The Mexican Red Cross sent four rescue experts from the state of Jalisco to assist in rescue efforts in New Orleans. The government of the Mexican Federal District also pledged to help with relief efforts.

On September 4 the Mexican Navy offered ships, buses and helicopters to assist in rescue missions. The offer was accepted and the Mexican ship Papaloapan departed from Tampico, with two Mi-17 helicopters, eight all-terrain vehicles, seven amphibious vehicles, two tankers, radio communication equipment, medical personnel and 250 tons of food.

On September 5, the Secretariat of Social Development pledged 200 tons of food, to be delivered in five airplanes by the Mexican Air Force.

The Secretariat of National Defense, on September 6, sent Mexican soldiers with expertise in rescue missions to the area affected by Katrina. Also sent the same day was 35 vehicles and 162.7 tons of food, that was carried by trucks travelling through the state of Texas.

The members of congress of the Federal District pledged a day of salary each on September 7, to be sent to those affected by Katrina. The National Commission of Water sent bottled water and canned food upon request. Naval ship Papaloapan arrived the same day, with 389 soldiers and other personnel from the Mexican Navy. Units of the Mexican Army, a total of 194 people, arrived by land with 45 military vehicles.

On September 8, the Mexican Army was received with honors at Kelly Air Force Base by the mayor of San Antonio, Texas. Local news channels noted the fact that the Mexican Army operated on U.S. soil after 159 years of absence, last time being the Mexican-American War.

You call yourself a patriot? You should be ashamed of your self and your actions.

Mexico is one of many allies of the United States and you disrespected this country by your actions. A true patriot would have shown respect to a foreign flag, they would have taken it down as if it was there own countries, folded it, and returned it to the proper authorities. You are nothing but a vandal and criminal, not a patriot. By the way, what did you do in the Air Force? Last time I checked, everyone discharge from the military is decorated. You just have to show up to Boot Camp to receive your first medal. Where have you served for the last eight years? We have been at war for 6 years now, and you do not mention anything about being deployed. Your 15 minutes of fame is almost up, how about getting a real life.

Anonymous said...

Sir or Ma'am,

I would like to clarify again; this has nothing to do with Mexico. My actions were in response to an act of subversion. When I saw the unlocked lockbox, I thought it was a student acting alone. I do not care what Mexico did for this country YOU MISS THE POINT! I can ramble on about what America has done for Mexico. This is about respect for OUR flag. OLD GLORY! I have tried to replace the damaged flag El Centro De La Raza will not accept it. Why don’t you talk about the UNM administration’s assumption that this is a hate crime, re-read the original article? There is not one witness or police statement to that affect; in fact, they say it is not. This is racism, but not against Mexicans! My nationality is American and I am be persecuted for my reaction to this? Please understand that this has nothing to do with what flag it was. I wanted to let this go I signed a letter in the deans office on the 19th to end all this, the UNM administration is at fault for this ongoing issue.

Get a real life? I have been to every state and provenance in north America, have driven across this country 5 times. I have served in Spain, Italy, Germany, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas… I learned to speak some Italian when I lived there. I have visited my Cousins in Ireland, and seen London, Paris and Rome. I have a Degree in Communications… I have driven a Porsche over 160 miles an hour on the autobahn. I do have a “Real Life” get off your high horse!

Peter Lynch

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the people who took part in the protest for diversity they are exercising their rights, the very same rights, which the US flag symbolizes. I am glad that I had the honor of protecting their right to protest.

Anonymous said...

I support you taking the Mexican flag down, but why tear it?


What deep seeded motivation prompted you to tear up a foreign flag with so much diregard?

I served a tour in Iraq as a US Marine,and I am a proud Mexican American. Somehow I felt offended.

This contreversy is not about taking the flag down, but about disespecting the symbol of another nation. That is not what we are taught in the military. We fly the US flag in Iraq soil and if an Iraquie tore it up, we would be pissed.

In my mind, this is not American at all. I initially supported you, but now I am getting second thoughts. The above post you wrote sounded like you have a big head, like you speak for all of us, you don't.

Anonymous said...

Jessie Macbeth

Anonymous said...

"What deep seeded motivation prompted you to tear up a foreign flag with so much disregard?"

I tore it down because it was sedition and offensive!

"We fly the US flag in Iraq..." Since when? Are you talking about Army Rangers wearing them on their uniform?

The no-flag policy states:

No one may fly, display, post or place the U.S. flag in, on or over vehicles, command posts, captured equipment, structures, buildings, monuments or any other location in Iraq.

Why does such a policy exist? Here's the official explanation:

Displaying the American flag counters the perception that we are liberators and partners for Iraq's future security and stability. Public display of the U.S. flag in Iraq creates false perceptions and unfounded suspicions that U.S. forces intend to permanently occupy Iraq.

UHHH? So flying a foreign banner is perceived how? You sir are not a Marine! You sir did not serve in Iraq!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have served two tours in Iraq and we do fly our flag over there. I do not agree with the desecration of the Mexican flag. You say it was the principle of bringing it down, regardless of what country's flag was flying, but you were unprofessional in the manner you did it. That says a lot about you. If you truly are a veteran, then I highly recommend professional counseling offered by the VA. You have some serious anger issues.

Anonymous said...

It seems to be that you some how are blaming the ROTC for their failure to put up the flag. I will admit, that they did make a mistake, BUT GET OVER IT! These students in ROTC are not in the military yet, they are taking an elective at UNM, with the intent of graduating and serving there country. They are not drunk kids raping underage girls like some of the other fraternity's at UNM. I think you owe them an apology for getting them involved. They made a mistake, the learned from it, now get over it. Your actions were criminal and uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

We are flying the US flag in Iraq???
OMG! This explains a lot. No wonder they are getting more and more recruits to attack our soldiers ... I'd hate us too. Can you imagine another country coming into America and telling us how to rebuild our government and infrastructure while also FLYING THEIR FLAG?
I agree with the statement above that explained - "it creates false perceptions and unfounded suspicions that U.S. forces intend to permanently occupy Iraq."
Think about it America! Put yourself in the Iraqi's shoes.
I'm floored to learn that we fly our flag over there. Out of pride, I could understand maybe a uniform with a US flag patch ... but the actual raising of our flag in someone else's country is awful and justifies just how arrogant we are.

Anonymous said...

Who is Hannity? Is he some lawyer? Never heard of him?

Anonymous said...

Are some of you idiots that clueless?? The US military has alway flown the US flag in places they are station, you can ask any real military person and they will tell you. It is no different in Iraq.

In fact even US embassies fly the US flag in many foreign countries and do other foreign countries in fly theirs on US soil.

This guys is a complete moron, I had the opportunity to talk to him yesterday and he is a total flake.

Isn't Hannity the shit they put on menudo?

Anonymous said...

Did you really talk to him? What did he say?

Embassies are considered the property of the foreign government.

Anonymous said...

I hope they do prosecute this criminal Peter Lynch. He had no right to destroy someone else's property. If he wanted to take it down or protest it being up he should have spoken to the Faculty. Throw the bastard in jail! What he did is no different that throwing a rock through your car window. He damaged someone else's property and in this state & city that's a crime. Convict the freak & sentence him to therapy.

Anonymous said...

Peter Lynch said.....

I would like to assure El Centro de la Raza that hate or racism did not motivate my actions. I ask UNM administration specifically, David Schmidly (University President),Rita Martinez-Purson (Interim Vice President for Academic Diversity), and Cheo Torres (Vice President for Academic Affairs), to apologize to all the American Students, including Mexican-American students, for allowing a foreign banner to fly over UNM for three days in violation of Federal laws.


Anonymous said...

Peter Lynch should withdraw from UNM, tuck his tail and leave the state, never to return. His actions were criminal and steeped in hate & racism. He cries that he just wants all this attention to stop, I say bring it on. He is no soldier, he has no honor. Run is ass out of town on a rail, right after he is convicted of criminal damage.

Anonymous said...

If I saw a lone flag flying over UNM that was NOT our stars and bars I, too, would be outraged. What American wouldn't? That outrage can then blind any individual to their next actions. I, for one, would have taken the flag down with intent to turn it in with a message that I will not allow it to be flown by itself. But I can understand that in that moment of good intentions to turn it in I might be so furious from being ignored by several parties that I could have been susceptible to doing the exact same thing he did.

People are pointing their finger at him and claiming racism and hate for the country and people of Mexico but I could understand if it was anger caused by the lack of respect shown by the administration and ROTC of UNM. There is such a thing as context and that, it seems, has been ignored in this case by many bandwagon jumpers who are too afraid to think for themselves.

On another point that was mentioned by those leaving responses I believe that if our reason for hanging the Mexican flag is because Mexico has helped the United States then why is that we do not hang every flag of every country that has helped the US? Or why do we not at least hang the flag of every UNM student's nationality? Last time I checked that flagpole is planted in United States soil; not Mexico or any other nation.

Anonymous said...

Taking it down is one thing, destruction of property another.
Your motive may have been good, but you went over the line when you actually destroyed the flag. You should buy them a new one.

Anonymous said...

Peter Ryan Lynch,

If you would really like to discuss this issue man-to-man, then please come to the ARMY ROTC on Yale and Lomas and discuss this with them. They were the ones that put up the US and NM flag, and they were the ones that took down the US and NM flags, and left the Mexico Flag up. Why dont you stop going to the UNM Presidents office and the local media, and take it up with them. Go to the source of the problem and fix it there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we Americans should all go to the ARMY ROTC on Yale & Lomas and ask what the hell were THEY thinking, leaving a foreign banner to fly without our flag all weekend?

And where the hell were THEY on Monday, when this foreign banner continued to fly alone?!

How come the ROTC has no explanation, other than it was miscommunication? Where is the American Pride in that?

Mr. Lynch going to the ROTC to fix the problem??? HA - why does anyone even need to? ROTC could take the initiative and just FIX it! How about make sure the US flag & UNM campus is shown some respect in the future???
It's a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

Peter Lynch should withdraw from UNM, tuck his tail and leave the state, never to return. His actions were criminal and steeped in hate & racism. He cries that he just wants all this attention to stop, I say bring it on. He is no soldier, he has no honor. Run is ass out of town on a rail, right after he is convicted of criminal damage.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of losers. Bashing an American Veteran for doing the right thing. The legal thing, and turning a blind eye to the real "criminals". What was done to The American Flag at the UNM Campus was illegal, and an insult to the entire nation including Mexican Americans and every other nationality that this country is made up of!
You who have nothing but insults for Mr. Lynch should be ashamed of yourselves. You are despicable. What have you done for this country? How much time have you served in the Armed Forces? What have you contributed? You have no right to condemn Mr. Lynch just as the Mexican Flag has no right to fly in place of The American Flag over The UNM Campus, or any other public building in this country on U.S. Sovereign Soil. Mr. Lynch offered to replace the flag which he did tear in understandable haste, but the offer was refused out of hatred by the very party who is claiming this is some kind of hate crime. Pot not calling the kettle black there?

El Centro de la Raza:
An organization of bigots!

If anyone of you who are casting stones at Mr. Lynch had any sense of National Pride, or respect for the country in which you live you would not also be so hasting in your judgment, but would understand what he did was right. Flying The Mexican Flag over your campus is considered an act of aggression. In effect The Campus of UNM was the property of Mexico for that weekend. Mr. Lynch single handedly took back American soil from a foreign aggressor. He deserves a medal.

Those people, and their defenders, responsible for the colors of another nation flying over that government building should be charged with treason, and deported to Mexico for their despicable acts. If you love Mexico so much, please go back. We don't need you here.

As a Patriot, and a Veteran, I would have done the same thing. We are not in a time of peace. We are at war!

No person shall display the flag of the
United Nations or any other national or international flag equal, above,
or in a position of superior prominence or honor to, or in place of, the
flag of the United States at any place within the United States or any
Territory or possession thereof.