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Sep 30, 2007

Eye Poll: Katherine Martinez Soundly Defeats O'Malley

In another surprising turn of events, Katherine Martinez (M) who is running against City Council President Debbie O'Malley (D) soundly defeated Ms. O'Malley in this past week's Eye Poll. Ms. Martinez received 69% to Ms. O'Malley's 31% in an unscientific poll that can only be described as bucking the conventional wisdom (view the results here).

We honestly don't know how this will play out Tuesday. Our hunch is that the incumbent O'Malley will hold the seat easily, particularly if this election turns out to be a referendum on the Almighty Marty. However, if the election comes down to Councilor O'Malley's propensity to spend our tax dollars and her less than warm and fuzzy personality the Eye Poll may end up being a harbinger of things to come.

This week we wade into the tempestuous waters of the Flag Flap. We understand that Peter Ryan Lynch is receiving large amounts of support from Eye readers along with free legal services from attorney John D'Amato.

Curiously, the Saturday UNM Homecoming football game featured more United States flags than we have ever seen in University Stadium. We couldn't help but wonder if the administration was trying to project a sense of patriotism to donors and alumni after taking a beating in the press over the Mexican Flag Flap.

Frankly we were glad to see Old Glory featured so prominently and the crowd spontaneously singing our national anthem sent chills up our spine. We hate the fact that it takes a series of screw-ups, unfounded charges, and constant media attention to remind most of us that the American flag represents more than just a government, but freedom, liberty, and the sacrifices of patriots that made them possible.

Let us know what you think should happen to Mr. Lynch in this week's Eye Poll. Don't forget to vote!


Anonymous said...

O\\\'Malley - you go\\\'in down, girl.

Anonymous said...

A check of NM Courts online records shows that all criminal charges in the Fraternity/Swastika incident were dropped. Why should this incident receive harsher treatment?