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Sep 30, 2007

Problems with the Bar

We've been telling you for some time that all of these ethics complaints against Councilor Harris might end up causing him problems with the State Bar. Well, it looks like there has been an unrelated complaint filed with the State Bar Association accusing Attorney Harris of conflict of interest and taking a client's retainer and subsequently failing to provide the agreed upon legal services.

By now we've all heard of Mr. Harris' use of his attorney's trust fund as a campaign slush fund, but taking a retainer and not providing services seems to us like fraud. We would expect the Bar Association to conduct an investigation but disclosure of the allegations won't do anything to help the councilor in his bid to hold off the recall; a fact that Mr. Harris apparently realized when he allegedly asked the complainant Angelo Winfield not to file the complaint until after Tuesday's election.


Anonymous said...

File that Puppy!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Harris is a crook, everyone knows it, but will they vote to Recall him or just let him lie, cheat and swindle us for another 2 years. We have this guy on the ropes, let's knock him out!! Anyone that the Mayor appoints would be better than Harris.

Paulette de'Pascal said...

Speaking of the State Bar, ethics etc...


People 4 Paulette

September 29, 2007

Albuquerque, NM


"I've taken hits like a it's Brads turn"


"you have gone to far. Your mailer says 'de'Pascal was even accused of embezzlement by her employer for allegedly emptying the company's bank accounts."

(see attached PDF's)

"I was sued by my "husband" whom I worked with in "our" family's dental practice.

Since Brad Winter has memorized my divorce papers, he should know that.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only mistake his investigators have made helping him put together his misleading mailers on me"

"I call on Brad Winter to apologize to me, in person, in front of microphones".

"I've taken a lot of hits from him during this campaign, and I've done it like a man. Now it's his turn".

Paulette de'Pascal

People 4 Paulette

Campaign to Elect Paulette de'Pascal

City Council District 4 Albuquerque NM

PS: My employer/husband, the company's bank accounts/our joint bank accounts, and the fraud charge re: the house in another flyer, was NOT my house. All charges against me in my divorce were dsimissed by the Judge as frivolous lawsuits by an angry hostile husband. Keep in mind he was sentanced by the DA's office and put into the EIP program. (Early Intervention Program)
The Fraud charge that Brad keeps using against me, was settled with Insurance. Again, I was found innocent, it was not my house, and the new owner had her own realtor, access to the house over a dozen times, and every single inspection that she asked for. Brad Winter has gone too far.


Anonymous said...

Whaaaaa, Whaaaaa, Whaaaaa.....
You're campaign is like the 'Gong show'
Go home and cook Greg breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, for you the eye, you take what you can. Find the 'slush' fund for mr. harris. Unfortunately fo r the person, who was mr. harris' client, the person lost the law suit because of the clients own behavior. THat person was upset because he lost his case. An attorney taking a case does not mean they are going to win. THere are always two sides to the story, and this particular other side, gave a retainer, the lawyer used it to file in the courts, to seek evidence and do all the things he was legally bound to do. The client was the failure in this particular case, and he and his wife are unfortuately blaming harris for something the courts decided, not harris. so eye, as much fun as it is to read your blog, you really need to be careful what you write, and though that client had the right to let his information get out to you, when you defame someone like harris, who as a lawyer already has the BAR overseeing behavior, you don't need to be bashing him. THE client lost the case. Now, he says the lawyer took the money. Well, the lawyer spent the money, the client was in agreement, up until the moment the case was rejected by the courts. End of story. Get facts. The


Anonymous said...