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Sep 5, 2007

Illegals: A Source of Crime

A few weeks back we posted some statistics we found all over the web regarding the link between crime and illegal aliens. Last week 770 KKOB aired an hour long special on immigration hosted by Laura McCallum. The show started with a litany of statistics supplied by former INS Senior agent Mike Cutler, that should scare the bejeezus out of everyone.

- 86% of Warrants for Murder in Albuquerque are for Illegal Aliens
-75% of People on the FBI's Most Wanted List are Illegal Aliens
-48% of ALL Inmates in New Mexico Prisons are Mexican Nationals here Illegally
-66% of Drivers in New Mexico Do Not have a Drivers License, Insurance, or Registration - 98% of Those are Illegal Aliens
One thing is abundantly clear; people that come across our border illegally are responsible for an inordinate amount of crime and violent crime at that. If there was an apartment or home in your neighborhood that accounted for half of the crime in the area, you can bet Marty would be out there with his Safe City Strike Force seizing property. For some reason the mayor and his administration expect someone else to take responsibility for this obvious source of crime in our midst.

"APD secures Albuquerque, it does not secure the boarder," says Director Payne on Marty's radio show. (We'll let you guess what that sucking noise is.) If APD is not in the business of removing a known criminal element illegal alien or otherwise, then APD isn't securing anyone or anything.

We doubt that even in their heyday the organized crime families of New York and Chicago were responsible for 86% of all murder warrants. Illegal aliens are coming here, they are a major source of violent crime, and therefore they are our problem; which makes them APD's problem. The cavalier and dismissive attitude of the Almighty Mayor is at best a failure to fully grasp the problem, and at worst a willful dereliction of his duty as mayor.

APD's SOP has got to be crystal clear. Illegals must be reported to ICE if arrested, in custody, or charged with a crime. Further, officers should be encouraged to report those who give them probable cause to believe that they are here illegally unless they are victims of or witnesses to a crime that is serious enough to warrant some sort of leniency.

This isn't about some member of the huddled masses coming to America to find a better life for himself and his family. Illegal aliens are putting pressure on our health care and social services, in addition to our legal and penal systems. It's time for them to go home and stay there and it's time for APD and Mayor Chavez to take responsibility for fighting crime that illegal aliens represent.


Anonymous said...

I agree it is high time all these illegal aliens be sent back to where they came from and quit putting a strain on the rest of us taxpayers. I also believe it is time for Governor Richardson to step up to the plate and do what he can about this problem in our state. Richardson has paraded arounded the country on his Presidential run but what has he done here in New Mexico about this issue other than grant illegals the ability to obtain a driver's license? Arizona's Governor has at least addressed the concerns in her state by signing House Bill 2779 which cracks down on people who are hiring illegal immigrants and House Bill 2467 which makes them prove citizenship before any state services are offered to them. Check out the website for state of Arizona. I haven't heard of anything like that happening in our state. I also can't help but wonder why all these knuckle heads that we elected to represent "we the people" are working so hard to figure out how not to enforce the laws of our land. Why can't ICE be notified by MVD, and every social service program that is offered through city, state, and federal funds when an illegal alien attempts to access those services? After all their very presence in our country is against the law. But what do I know I just help fund the services that this country offers to illegal aliens many that I don't even qualify for.

Anonymous said...

Just because something is "all over the web" doesn't mean it's true, or even likely to be true.

The idea that 66% of drivers in New Mexico don't have a license defies common sense.

A little bit of digging shows that these stats are based on one of those crazy emails that get forwarded and forwarded and forwarded and are mostly fiction. You're just a rumor mongerer - a profession that the internet has particularly empowered.

Mostly Fiction!

Anonymous said...

Dear Fiction get a clue ask a COP. the EYE is right on, thank you guys for the truth. To all you cops you may remember the OATH you took remember you will defend the Constitution and enforce the laws of The UNITED STATES and NEW MEXICO. illegal aliens are just that ILLEGAL. The S.O.P. OF A.P.D. states an officer can not be forced to follow an illegal order. Are you listening Ray. For all you officers tarnish your badge and look the other way or do your job. I believe the majority of officers will do their job.

Anonymous said...

Hey J, Back off! You want to talk about tarnishing "the badge" look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

As a cop, I know first hand the difficulties in getting illegals into ICE's custody. They just don't have enough manpower HERE in Albuquerque to respond to the number of calls we'd send them.

The solution:ICE needs to open a LEGITIMATE detention and processing center in Albuquerque. Then it would be as "simple" as dropping them off. In theory it would work, but the current SOP prevents us from doing anything at all. It's a sad state of affairs when the command ties the hands of it's officers.

Anonymous said...

If we don't have enough agents in ICE, then Marty should not make this an open city to Illegal troublemakers.
Does anyone know why this city granted a liquor licsense to the bar on McLeod and San Mateo( the old Midnight Rodeo/Gothic)?
This is run by a family out of Colorado and catters to the illegal alien crowd. PUBLIC be aware of this problem which has existed for more than a year. Every Friday & Saturday night it is filled with illegals and young teen prostitutes. Why has the city allowed this place to open?
Why indeed Mr. Mayor? When will you, the police department and the fire department shut this place down or arrest the operators and the patrons? Seems like a prime place to start rounding these people up and sending the operators of this shit hole packing back to Colorado and the aliens back where the F _ _ K they belong as well.
This Mayor along with anyone who defends these policies, need to be replaced. Unfortunatley,in two years time before the next election, this city will be over run with burlaries, homicides, armed robberies and other horrific crimes against us and our families.
It IS within our God given right to defend ourselves and our loved ones.
So go ahead Mayor Chavez, make this an open city to illegals, and we'll make it open season to illegals.

Anonymous said...

Marty has illegals mowing his lawn.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Marty went on the radio this week and lied about the Immigration statu SOP revision, stating that he was the one who decided that the original revision, "just wouldn't work" and re-wrote the new revision himself. Marty doesn't write SOP's...or at least he's not supposed to....Marty was on Jim's afternoon show and lied out his teeth, over and over.

Anonymous said...

funny, how everyone can lie their ass off but when there is one allegation against a cop, they are ready to fire them. obviously it depends if you are one of the boys. how about payne living in his office when he was a city council man although he denied it but we all knew he was.

Anonymous said...

Marty lies about everything to include the raises for APD Officers.

The money is there, but the guy just won't let it go. He blames others for not releasing it and even puts his side kick on the news to try to explain it. Marty won't go on camera for this , because it's negative and he won't speak on negative issues. He does not like bad press. Perlman failed to convince the public it was not an easy thing for the officers to get their due raises.

That's all this administration does is lie!!!!


Anonymous said...

I have been reading the South West Organizing Project Blog. I have to say that they make a good case for Robber Barons and their unethical ilk being in charge, keeping already oppressed people down. And yes, lots of cop/authority bashing. They are pissed because they don't get the opportunity that others do.

These guys happen to be Hispanic, and I bet some of their number are Illegals too. I can see why teenagers, who don't decide when their parents take them to a whole other country, would be scared of cops when they are here illegally, NOT OF THEIR OWN CHOICE. How much success did you have as a pre-teen or teenager telling your parents where to live?

Once they get here, to where there is some Freedom and Opportunity (more than in Mexico or places further South) they want to stay and try to prosper. I honestly wish the decriminalization of IIs would have happened. They come back and forth between Mexico and America quite freely. We can't seem to stop it or even make a dent.

I know this is dreaming, but how about a North American Union? We get Canada, Mexico and the USA to merge in a EU type agreement: same money, same laws, same people.

And if we want to build a wall then, it will be MUCH SHORTER and easier to defend at the bottom tip of The 51st state: Mexico. We put scads of military bases in Baja and recruit the locals. We make jobs that people can take pride in and don't have to be fearful of deportation.

Texas was its own country for a while, then became a state. How about if we get Mexico and Canada to join up?

Then, we don't have to worry about Al-Quieda infiltrating through Illegal Immigrant corridors, or Mexican/South American murderers going to the USA when the Mexicops are hot on their tail and then raising Hell here until the Americops almost catch them.

J. Lopez

Anonymous said...

Someone's living in a fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

This could happen here.. paste the link:

Anonymous said...

Guiliani recently said that immigrants coming over without the proper documentation is not a fed. crime. So does this mean they're not illegal?