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Sep 20, 2007

The Flag at Issue

Wednesday, The Albuquerque Journal ran a story about 30-year-old Peter Ryan Lynch (Subscription). Apparently, Mr. Lynch took exception to the Mexican flag being raised outside of a UNM administration building.

According to UNM officials, flying the flag was part of a celebration of Mexican independence day last Sunday, sponsored by the Mexican Student Association. The criminal complaint indicates that Lynch removed the flag, tore it in half, and proceeded to the Air Force ROTC office with flag (now flags) in hand. His objection... there was no American flag present. Mr. Lynch has been charged with misdemeanor criminal damage to property and of course the MSA called it a "hate crime."

You know, we're all for freedom, liberty and being able to fly whatever flag you want. However, UNM is a state school paid for with American tax dollars. It is wholly inappropriate for the UNM administration to allow the Mexican national flag to be flown in place of the flag of the United States. In fact, the act is against the U.S. flag code.
No person shall display the flag of the United Nations or any other national or international flag equal, above, or in a position of superior prominence or honor to, or in place of, the flag of the United States at any place within the United States or any Territory or possession thereof...
Even more irritating is the fact that UNM's new President, David Schmidly promised the Mexican Student Association that they could raise the Mexican national flag again Thursday. The MSA enjoys the freedom of association and the freedom of speech provided by the U.S. Constitution and symbolized by the stars and stripes of the U.S. flag.

Is it really too much to ask that they respect the flag of the country that provides those freedoms even when celebrating the independence of their homeland? It's certainly not too much to ask that the administration and President Schmidly to abide by the United State Flag Code at a publicly funded university.

One other nagging question we have is... Would Mr. Lynch be facing charges if he had committed the same "crime" against the flag of the United States? Even if he did, we'd bet that some group like the ACLU would be out there defending his right to do so. Perhaps some enterprising, patriotic lawyer will step up to the plate and defend a man who was through his actions, defending the flag of the United States of America and upholding U.S. Code title 4, chapter 1, section 7.


Anonymous said...

If the fellow in question wanted to deface his own flag, then the ACLU might have a reason to get involved, otherwise not.

The only crimes here were theft and vandalism. The Flag Code is only an advisory codification of custom, lacking any penalties or enforcement mechanisms.
Urban Legend Reference Pages

So your respect for private property only extends to those you agree with politically? Theft of someone else's property is indeed a crime, no scare quotes needed. Is that really what you want to defend?

Anonymous said...

Shred it???? Heck, burn that puppy!!!

J J Lujan said...

Not even close to a hate crime, doesnt even meet the criteria. It is simply a larceny, buy em' another Mexican flag (made in China) and donate it along with a copy of the US FLag Code.

Anonymous said...

Are the mexican students getting free tuition? The only thing UNM administration cares about is their bottom line. Maybe a boycott of all UNM sporting events could send them a wake up call. THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NOT MEXICO. I am sick to death that UNITED STATES CITIZENS ARE BEING PUSHED ASIDE FOR ILLEGALS, AND I AM SICK TO DEATH BEING MADE TO PAY FOR THEM. Albuquerque wake up,you are loosing your country and thanks to Marty kiss your city good-by !

Anonymous said...

Above. RIGHT THE F_ _K ON!!!!
F_ CK a bunch of Mexicans and these illegal alien MFers. I'm sick of politicians afraid of their own shadows. Enough of this Bullshit already. Pussy liberals will kill this country and then when the Lenins( Bolsheviks) of the world take over their homes to move three families in it, they'll wonder, 'gee what happened' Wake up is right. Learn your history assholes; something that's not taught in America anymore. When the Czar and his family were shot, the communists took everyone wealth and gave it to the poor and down trodden. Similar to the lazy, theiving alien bastards that this Mayor supports, just so he can have them all vote illegally in his next election.
VIVA nothing. 'Good for you Albuquerque'. In other words, "Screw you Albuquerque"

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the student who tore that Mexican flag down. I lived in Mexico for half-a-year. If I ever flew an american flag at a Mexican university like that, I would be thrown in jail.
We kicked Mexico's ass out of this country in the mid 1800's. Their flag doesn't belong on our flag poles.

Anonymous said...

If he had burned the American flag he would be protected by the 1st, and if a Mexican national had urned the American flag they too would be protected. Don't ever mess with a minority you will become a example. Case in point.

Anonymous said...

What? Maybe it's the bad grammer that makes this so unclear. What is your point again?

Anonymous said...

The point is... We protect every #$%^& idiot who screws with the American flag. But if you mess with another nations flag it seems that you will be prosecuted. How much time does this country have left? It that clear enough ^%$#@!!

John Wayne said...

Retards. Get a clue:

Burn Your Own Flag = No Problem

Burn Someone Else's Flag = Destruction of Property

What are you failing to understand about that?

Anonymous said...

The point being made is that the flag did not belong to him to destroy and take with him, Mexican or US flag. The sad part to all this is some of you will find any excuse to make any incident a racial issue, hatred toward any Mexican. The lynching mentality of the 60's.

I am sure if you want to buy your own flag, underwear or whatever, as the rightful owner you could wipe your ass with it and it would not be a crime, unless you do it in public, then it will be indecent exposure.

For one of the posters above, probably the same illiterate idiot spreading racism; a good basic grammar 101 class at night school might be in order to prevent further embarrassments in future posts.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to see the Mexican flag or anyone elses for that matter in this city ever again. Is that clear Mr Mayor? Especially on a state funded tax dollar university. If you want your Mexico day, go to school there. Same goes for anybody else.

Anonymous said...

The Mexican flag was placed there by a white guy, so why all the fuss????????????

What next, not allowing anyone to eat tacos on campus while wearing a sombrero???

Fuking idiots!

Anonymous said...

The flag issue is a lot different than food. If you don't understand all the fuss I advise you to read the paper and try to educate yourself. What might not be important to you is important to others.

Anonymous said...

And so it turns out the Flag Code violation was inadvertent and a result of miscommunication (at least if you believe the head of the ROTC program at UNM).

ROTC: Flag incident stems from miscommunication

And I want to thank the illiterate, racist mouthbreathers who have posted here and once again revealed the true face of so-called conservatism in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

To be a bit peeved at having the Mexican flag flying over UNM might well be a nationalistic expression but being nationalistic is not the same thing as being racist. The fact that it was the Mexican flag that was flying over the campus and then torn down, gives those who want to be afforded "victim" status a cause celebre' but it is their racism that is being exposed.

Anonymous said...

How do you figure it's larceny or vandalism? The flag was ABANDONED and discarded as debris.

Anonymous said...

No one is claiming to be a "victim" idiot, we just don't tolerate bigotry remarks such as the ones prevalent in this blog; "F_ CK a bunch of Mexicans and these illegal alien MFers." Is it that racism is so engrained within you that you don't even see it?

Anonymous said...

...nice go straight to labeling when confronted with a legitimate argument.

Anonymous said...

Get legal, then you'll have a voice.
Get legal,so you can vote legitimate.
Get legal, then we'll talk.
Get legal, so you can pay taxes and share in the burden of supporting you. Otherwise, stick to what you know; lettuce

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE, unfortunately we are not allowed to ask any of the Mexicans if they are illegal, it somehow fringes on their constitutional rights. I believe every single forefather that signed the declaration (50, i believe) are rolling over in their graves knowing that illegals are being protected.....YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING

oh yeah, reference the lettuce comment-- HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH RIGHT ON!

Anonymous said...

"No one is claiming to be a "victim" idiot, we just don't tolerate bigotry remarks such as the ones prevalent in this blog; "F_ CK a bunch of Mexicans and these illegal alien MFers." Is it that racism is so engrained within you that you don't even see it?"

Clearly you didn't read much on this story... the UNM is saying its a hate crime... they didn't bother to do any research on it just simplely and racistly attacked mr lynch.
While saying "F_ CK a bunch of Mexicans and these illegal alien MFers." is not constructive you seem to miss the racism because its so engrained within you that you don't even know that UNM has a long history of racism and allowing racist groups such as mechA to promote hate on its campus.
Nor because of your poor edumaKshion do you seem to understand that mexicans aren't a race.
Saying "F_ CK a bunch of Mexicans and these illegal alien MFers." Is a racist comment is like saying
"F_ CK a bunch of US slavers and these illegal slave trading MFers."
From a black would be racist.

Promoting hate leads to hate... blaming the ppl that are clearly reponding to hate with their own is hardly a reasonable defense of racism against them. If UNM did more to educate and condom the local hate groups lead by mexicans then these issues would never have been a issue however as long as one side is allowed to hate without any controls on them and even endorsed as in this case it will always cause hate in return.

Anonymous said...

Oh, People.
Get a clue is aptly said. I lived in El Paso for 10 years.
Racism? Discrimination?

Get out in the real world and try to find a job in the desert southwest when you are NOT bilingual!

Illegal immigration is a real problem in the US. Here are a few numbers for you tax paying citizens.

Americans now realize that the costs of our present high level of immigration (legal and illegal) are enormous and growing. (The Center for Immigration Studies estimated in 1995 that immigration costs us a net $29 billion a year--more than the combined budgets of the Departments of State, Justice and Interior.) These costs include both programs targeted toward immigrants, as well as the increased costs of education, health care, and welfare programs that are used by immigrants.

Damn! I’m glad you pay taxes! Raise a MEXICAN flag over a US tax dollar supported University…
I fully support the guy who tore it down! GO FOR IT again I’ve got you back!