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Sep 21, 2007

Fault and Desecration

Turns out that this whole flag thing is nothing but a big "misunderstanding." One of our readers posted an "enlightened" comment that directed readers to the Daily Lobo website where all of our concerns were supposed to be addressed.

According to the letter to the Daily Lobo (read it here) from Lt. Col. Erik Sevigny, the Army ROTC was responsible for raising the American flag and our state flag last Friday morning. The third flag pole that normally flies the university flag was left empty and unlocked for the Mexican Student Association to fly the Mexican national flag. The Mexican Student Association later arrived and raised the Mexican flag on the pole that normally flies the UNM flag.

That night, the Army ROTC returned, lowered the American flag and the state of New Mexico flag but left the Mexican flag, assuming that the Mexican Student Association would return to remove the Mexican national flag which they had raised earlier in the day. The MSA apparently never returned to lower the flag. The result, the Mexican flag remained flying over Scholes Hall and the University of New Mexico until Monday morning when Ryan Lynch found the Mexican flag flying solo over a state university.

In his letter to the Lobo, Lt.Col. Sevigny goes on to trumpet cultural awareness and diversity; something every good association that is "allowed" to operate on campus is expected to do. When you analyze this flag "incident," there's plenty of blame to go around.

Mr. Lynch was probably correct in removing the Mexican flag that was flying alone outside of Scholes Hall. Maybe he shouldn't have ripped it into two pieces but under the circumstances perhaps his actions were not only understandable but justifiable.

Maybe the Army ROTC whose responsibility it was to hoist the Stars and Stripes along with the Zia of New Mexico should have also taken down the Mexican national flag instead of leaving it flying. Although, we can understand why they didn't since they were not the ones to raise it.

That leaves the Mexican Student Association. Who according to Lt.Col. Sevigny were responsible for raising it. The MSA subsequently failed to lower the Mexican flag and left it flying alone over the University of New Mexico until Monday morning when Ryan Lynch removed it.

When you look for blame... there's plenty. When you look for fault, it lies squarely with the Mexican Student Association. After all, they were responsible for leaving the Mexican flag flying Friday night. A flag that continued to fly solo over the weekend and was only lowered after Ryan Lynch removed it for them.

We will never know whether they left the Mexican flag flying by accident or intentionally. What we do know is that they never returned to remove the flag that they were supposed to be honoring.
It is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.
Since the flag poles in question are not illuminated, the first "desecration" of the Mexican national flag actually occurred Friday night when the MSA failed to remove the Mexican flag. It was repeated both Saturday and Sunday night as it continued to fly over UNM without deference to the flag of the United States; which by the way should have never been allowed by the university.

Maybe Mr. Lynch should not have ripped the flag in two, but it certainly had already been "desecrated" no less than three times by the time Mr. Lynch removed it from the UNM flag pole. There is fault and there certainly was desecration, but both were the responsibility of the Mexican Student Association.


Anonymous said...

So in other words the explanation is still not good enough for you, perhaps if we lynch a few Mexicans at random you will finally be satisfied!

Anonymous said...

Why are people so afraid of doing the right thing? If the ROTC commander just had some balls, lowered all the flags, returned the flag to the Mexican Organization, and told them of such then this would not have happened.

I am sure that someone didn't want to hurt some feelings? If you are doing the right thing and someones feelings get hurt, oh well, give them a kleenex!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. While the "Flag Code" is not a law or ordinance per se, the New Mexico Administrative Code adopts many of the provisions for state owned properties. Most notably, if the U S flag is not flown, no other flags shall be flown. The UNM ROTC needs some remedial training on the law. Perhaps Mr. Lynch could conduct the class.

Anonymous said...

Not that I disagree with your comment about what should have been done...but think about the noise that would've come after "news" got out that ROTC took down the Mexican flag. Oh no they can't do that!!!! Aside from the fact I'm offended at having another nation's flag flying over a state institution (be it Mexican or Finlandian). You're right they should've taken the thing down and said here take it and start honoring it, and when the uproar starts WE should back them up....

I'm soooo tired of cultural sensitivity...its time we as a nation got over it.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please explain WHY the MSA was even allowed to hoist the Mexican flag in the first place??? With the exception of the ring of flags around the United Nations building, the only time another national flag is to be flown in conjunction with our flag is during a State visit by a dignitary of appropriate stature. I'll bet there isn't a member of the MSA that meets that requirement, nor was there likely to have been a member of our government meeting them of similar rank.

I'm sure that there is a university somewhere in Mexico that the MSA could get an education and fly there colors.....why don't they look into that opportunity forthwith?

Anonymous said...

By the way, any flag flown next to the flag of THIS country, should never be flown at the same height or higher. Always lower, with one exception, the United Nations,period.

Anonymous said...

First comment; which flag pole can we use?

Anonymous said...

Oh whatever. Just fly the damn flag in Mexico, and we'll fly OUR flag right here in the State of New Mexico, one of the United States of America. The days of Poncho Villa are over with. Get over it. He was a fat drunken slob who lost this territory long ago.

Anonymous said...

My fellow Americans,

My name is Peter Ryan Lynch; I am a student at UNM. I am a decorated 8-year veteran of the US military, honorably discharge this July. I am appalled a foreign banner flew unaccompanied on UNM campus flagpole for three days, including a US holiday. I am an American passionate about our country and I would feel the same way if it were ANY foreign banner.

The Mexican flag was flying over UNM campus unaccompanied by an American flag on U.S. Constitution Day 17 September 2007.

According to United States Code (Federal Law):
"The flag should be displayed on all days especially on… Constitution Day, September 17…."

"The flag should be displayed daily on or near the main administration building of every public institution."

"The flag should be displayed during school days in or near every schoolhouse."

Throughout history, flying a nation’s banner is a claim of ownership. To do this on U.S. Constitution Day is an insult to all Americans. I am outraged that UNM administration allowed this happen. I thought before my class was over they would address the issue. I left class, and the foreign banner was still unaccompanied. I went to the dean’s office, pleading for action. I also notified Army ROTC, who has the honor of raising and lowering the US flag on UNM campus this month. I waited one and one half-hours after these notifications to take action myself. I made a profound statement and tore down this foreign banner. My actions although overzealous, are warranted.

Americans have one of the most diverse cultures on the planet, we embrace our differences, and unless you are a foreign visitor or illegal immigrant then your nationality is American! We are all equals under the Constitution and Stars and Stripes that protect us. Americans should fly their historical nations’ banners with pride. UNM is a public institution, governed by the laws of our nation, and on 17 September 2007, Federal law was broken; American’s are insulted. I am livid, with all the press coverage, only Julian "Top" Martinez said anything in my defense. Furthermore, the press has a responsibility to gather all the facts before printing.

I would like to assure El Centro de la Raza that hate or racism did not motivate my actions. I ask UNM administration specifically, David Schmidly (University President), Rita Martinez-Purson (Interim Vice President for Academic Diversity), and Cheo Torres (Vice President for Academic Affairs), to apologize to all the American Students, including Mexican-American students, for allowing a foreign banner to fly over UNM for three days in violation of Federal laws.

Peter Ryan Lynch

Anonymous said...

So you're like a policeman, then?

Anonymous said...

So you're like a policeman, then?

No, I am not a Policeman, but I swore an oath to protect the flag. Where I come from swearing an oath means something.

cartman said...

one does not need to be a policeman to defend his country's flag, one need only be a patriot

Anonymous said...

Who's Poncho Villa? Is he the one that Gen. Pershing bitch slapped?

Anonymous said...

Peter Ryan Lynch, you are a criminal & I hope they prosecute you for your criminal behavior. You are not a patriot or a hero, your actions showed us all that you are nothing more than a common street thug....