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Sep 23, 2007

Eye Poll: Surprising Results

This week's Eye Poll double header featured the four way race in district 6 and the district 4 re-poll. In district 4 the results (which we believed were suspect the first time) showed a narrowing of the gap between incumbent Councilor Winter and challenger de'Pascal. However with 111 fewer participants due to more stringent voting rules, de'Pascal still ended up with an 8 point advantage with 54% to Winter's 46% (view the results here).

We always stress that this is an unscientific poll and we believe the increased voting security is at least partially responsible for the change in the poll results. One way or the other the Eye Poll shows a determination by the de'Pascal camp to get out their voters at least for the Eye Poll. It remains to be seen whether or not they will be able to muster enough votes on election day and during early voting which is now in progress.

Our featured Eye Poll took a look at the vacant seat of Councilor Martin Heinrich, district 6. This is a four way race between Rey Garduno (D), Joan Griffin (M), Blair Kauffman (D), and Kevin Wilson (R). Martycrat Joan Griffin took this one with 41% of the vote, Kevin Wilson was surprisingly strong with pulling 37%, Rey Garduno thought to be the odds on favorite only got 19% of the vote, and Blair Kauffman rounded out the group with 3% (view the results here).

Our unscientific poll showed surprising strength from Republican Kevin Wilson. He seems to have run a fairly high profile campaign, at least from the outside. It will be interesting to see whether the 2 Democrats and the Martycrat (registered as a D) end up splitting the vote enough to allow Mr. Wilson to slide into the seat.

This week we take a look at the last two candidates who are running for the district 2 council seat. Incumbent Council President is the odds on favorite, but it will be interesting to see what effect the Almighty Mayor's endorsement will have on the Martinez campaign; especially in light of the mayor's recent media problems. Don't forget to vote!


Anonymous said...

Here's how this will shake out in 2,4 & 6. (8 is a laydown, no effort at all , since no one is ever opposed there. That's why they have such great representation. Look at the last four years)
Dist 2 - O'Malley
Dist 4 - Winter
Dist 6 - Garduno

Post election appointments.
Marty will make the following appointments;
Ms. Martinez to Director of Open Space for the Rio Grande, the Bosque and the Montano and Alemeda bridges. Salary $85,000

Joanie Griffin to Director of Social Services and Administrative Entertainment. Salary $90,000, plus City automobile.

Paulette dePascal to assistant Director of Transportation, under Greg Payne. Will be responsible for rider satisfaction and bus driver etiquette. Salary $90,000 plus fringe benefits.

Jane Silva said...

Well maybe. Joanie Griffin hates Paulette, so she'll do all she can to prevent that. And if Paulette gets indicted for embezzlement and tax fraud, maybe she'll be in jail where she belongs.

Jane Silva said...

Well maybe. Joanie Griffin hates Paulette, so she'll do all she can to prevent that. And maybe Paulette will get indicted on embezzlement and tax fraud and go to jail where she belongs.

mike said...

OK OK you don't have to repeat yourself. We get it, there's trouble with the old nags in Marty's Stable. Question is, which one will he boot when this is all over?

George said...

Everytime you turn on the radio or read a newspaper it gets worse with this woman de Pascale. Embezzlement, tax fraud, bankruptcies, questionable expenditures of tax payers money, fake degrees. Too many lies. Too much deceit. What rock did they find this slimey one under? She needs to be run out of town! Somebody needs to tell Marty we're not going to put up with this one!

Anonymous said...

Oh Greg will take her in. He has a 'snake ranch' of his own now.

Anonymous said...

What's a snake ranch?