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Sep 4, 2007

Swing Vote Maes

According to today's Albuquerque Journal, the safety of students and teachers at APS comes down to one vote - the vote of board president, Paula Maes. Unlike voters in last week's Eye Poll, the school board seems to be in a deadlock with 3 members from the East Side (Mary Lee Martin, Marty Esquivel, and Gordon Rowe) in favor of arming APS police officers, and 3 West Side members (Berna Facio, Dolores Griego, and Robert Lucero) against. That leaves District 5 representative and board president Paula Maes as the swing vote.

Wednesday night the board meets to take final action on the safety commission recommendation to arm the defenseless officers and protect students and teachers. We think it's a no brainer - give officers the training and equipment necessary to do their jobs. Otherwise we shouldn't expect officers to be able to protect anyone, including themselves.

The good news is that even though the board has largely shown that it doesn't get it and won't do what's necessary to protect anyone, Maes appears to be on the fence. Perhaps a few emails or phone calls would persuade her that even though she's "not a gun person," she should vote to equip and pay police professionals to their jobs. You can reach Ms. Maes by email at or by phone (505) 880-3739. If she fails to see common sense, you can use those numbers to let her know how unhappy you are.

----- Update -----

We were just listening to a 770 KKOB news break and were alarmed to hear that Maes told them that she didn't believe that one more gun would have prevented the tragedies at Virginia Tech or Columbine. This type of attitude shows an amazing disconnect with reality. There are bad people out there who want to kill other people, some are crazy, some are just simply evil. Not liking guns and not arming trained police officers doesn't make these types of people go away.


ched macquigg said...

A more fundamental problem here is that public servants are preparing to vote against the wishes of their constituents; and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Not as long as the public keeps acting like scared rabbits.
Why? As I see it, most won't get off their 'dependent' asses. Industry depends on being fed by Marty, instead of cutting their own road. City workers are obviously dependent on him. Civic leaders, well forget about it. They all seem to be scared of their own shadows(with maybe the exception of one)Everyone's afraid of retaliation instead of being men and standing up to those in power. No, the populace of albuquerque would rather just turn the other cheek and be bullied like a bunch of pansy ass pussies. BusinessMEN?
think again.

James said...

Is it too later for the other board members to "change" their votes? Why not contact them as well?

Anonymous said...

Let the messicans take care of it!

Anonymous said...

Who else got taught that once someone with a knife who was intent upon attacking you gets no closer than 20 feet? Who else got taught that giving ground to criminals who want to hurt you is not just tactically unsound but cowardly? Who else took an oath to uphold the Constitution and Laws around here? Who is going to die trying to live up to what they were TRAINED to do? APS Police, that's who. And any kids who they fail to protect while valiantly throwing away their lives, all the while reverting to training and grabbing for the firearm that just isn't on that hip.

Every terrorist expert says its just a matter of when, not IF Al Q or some other misguided group of impressionable, hopeless people get manipulated into attacking us in our homeland. Albuquerque is PART of the homeland...

J. Lopez