The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 12, 2013


Working for the City has to be fairly simple. They train you, place you on OJT, give you directives, SOP’s, Policy and Procedural manual’s, training on legal and civil issues and the City gives you copies of the City Merit Ordinance.  Now armed with all that, why is it there are not one top level personnel who can simply do their job?

Let’s take for example the issue of the minimum wage and a local restaurant’s refusal to pay the higher wages that Channel 7 News reported on (Read it HERE).  The City council is demanding action. According to City Attorney, David Tourek, “…people who aren’t getting paid what they’re due hire private attorneys or call legal aid.” According to Berry who tried adamantly to avoid the issue and stated, “he believes the ordinance doesn’t have enough teeth and is difficult to enforce.”  Apparently someone (probably Berry) signed off on the law and which was sufficient then but now Berry states, “He is calling on councilors to craft new language.”  Wasn’t Berry a State Rep. before?  He should know how the language should read on an ordinance law.

What is going on? City Council is demanding one thing, the City Attorney, David Tourek, wants to dump it on private attorneys, Berry tried to avoid it all together, but when all else failed is blaming the Council. Now, “business owners are worried about the city sending mixed messages.”

Why doesn’t Berry tell the truth, he approved of the ordinance till now and since the public has placed pressure on him; now he is playing the “blame game.”  Why doesn’t Berry take responsibility for anything and own up to it? He wanted the job, why isn’t he responsible and accountable? Why hasn’t he earned his pay?

According to Tourek, “We cannot represent private people on a large scale.”  The sky is not falling, this is one case not a thousand.  Oddly enough, Tourek received a substantial amount of pay from the City of Albuquerque. Why does Tourek tell the truth; he is too lazy.

What we are saying is, Berry and Tourek are lazy and are refusing to do their jobs. Corruption starts at the top and trickles its way down.  This explains Tourek’s elitist attitude and the lousy management of other departments such as APD.  They see Mayor Berry slacking and clearly showing his staff that he does not care.  This is a learned behavior and they learned to be lazy and avoid responsibility and accountability from Berry. 

Speaking of lazy, lack of responsibility and accountability; Schultz sat in for a bit during the Ken Ellis III trial today and listened to how his incompetence is shining through.  We here at the Eye anticipate a huge award (unprecedented) in this case that will cause shock and deplete the City’s reserves.  The Ellis case is ONLY the second case in the U.S. history where a judge has granted a summary judgment of "excessive force" from the bench without a full trail.  By Berry retaining Schultz for all these years is a vote of approval from Berry on Schultz’s reckless behavior in how he has ruined and run APD into the trenches of hell and liability.  Berry will be forced to get rid of Schultz but this is clearly too little; way too late. Berry owns this mess and his Chief Schultz; vicarious liability has sunk its' fangs into the City. of Albuquerque.

Thanks Berry and Schultz. You two have ruined this City single handed.



Anonymous said...

How is Flip doing OJT while assigned to the same spot? Read powerdms and put it with TJ's stupid email. Flip is staying put playing with cameras

Anonymous said...

It sure looks like Levy is giving away the store with her brilliant blatant covering for a bad police shooting.
Nothing but arrogance, changing of stories, and a failure to own one's mistakes. This attitude and pattern of conduct plagues every single one of Levy's cases. The citizens should be appalled at the fact that Levy is STILL spending taxpayer monies trying to fight a lost cause. This lying cop and Schultz are going to cost the taxpayers 20 million easy. Schultz is a liar. He say's he fires everyone for untruthfullness, but never fired this cop. He is full of shit. The lies have swallowed these fools up alive. This cop testifies to statements made up just before the trial as Levy prepped him because Levy preps all of her liars on what to say and how to lie. Levy is getting slaughtered in there and her chief decided to show up to prove that he is not a coward. Hahahahahahaha.....Now that is funny. Ray reads the eye, and shows up Monday like he is going to call someone out or scare them. It's going to be funny to see how tough this asshole is when he is Mr. Schultz. As in you are fired you lying POS who lies under oath, and covers up crimes. You are still a pussy because you know if you hit that stand Kennedy's law firm will pull you apart. Why isn't Schultz on the stand to defend his contradictory statements and disparity is handling cases??? Because it's too late buddy. All of those depositions containing your lies, flip flops and contradictions are stacking up like you wouldn't believe. The DOJ has them. The civil Rights attorneys are collecting them, and the rest of the impending lawsuits will have them. Oh how the show is going to get interesting. I never thought a total one sided lambasting would be fun to see, UNTIL NOW.

Ya'll will be settling every single lawsuit after this. All to protect a loser police chief who is under the microscope for his atrocities and perversions. This judgement added to the rest of this clowns settlements and judgements will put him in the Guinness Book of World Records for all time biggest payouts under one police chief. Hope it was worth it Berry. I don't know how one person is worth this amount of money criminal acts, and cover ups. Maybe the DOJ will after all of this.

Real Time Policing, and black and white police cars....hahahahaha.
What a joke!
No...Your legacy will be the bankrupting of the city of Albuquerque. That's your legacy.
You will leave nothing behind but wreckage to be rebuilt. The sad fact is that this psychopath operates on spite, and will cling on to APD until he is ripped out like a weed, either by the election or the DOJ. Which will come first is the question.

Here's to case law!

Anonymous said...

All of the information BL&T (now gilled) has now admitted to on the stand has been in Ray's hands since he became Chief. If Ray could not see that this nitwit was an accident waiting to happen, then there is no hope for him or the department as long as he is at the helm. To what end Ray ran the ship onto the rocks is anyone’s guess. My guess is that it is simply due to his all encompassing arrogance.
The buck stops with you Mr. Shultz, you my as well have pulled the trigger on Mr. Ellis yourself. I can only hope your dereliction of duty lands you behind bars for a long, long time. I'm sure BL&T will still worship the cell floor you walk on, while sharing it. So don't fret Ray, at least your ego will still be intact as you continue to hold your high while you bend over to pick up the soap.

Anonymous said...

Ray couldn't have known. He was to busy traveling with friends on the City's dime and buying tech toys because "technology is the future of law enforcement". How's that working out? UCR was done months ago so where is it? Everyone is under orders to withhold the information because crime is up again! Way to go property crime initiative

Anonymous said...

I suggest every single taxpayer call the Mayor's Office and demand that he Fire Schultz, because I for one am fed up with this Bullshit, and by Bullshit I mean an incompetent Mayor & Schultz who have absolutely no regard for the taxpayers money!!!

You both deserve to be publicly humiliated!

Anonymous said...

Hope the POC meeting this afternoon is packed ...4pm city council chambers ..should be interesting! Let's make it interesting ppl!

Anonymous said...

Flip is a criminal who stole money & benefits from the officers OWN union! Yet he is REWARDED with a promotion & a SWEET INSIDE SPOT!